10 September 2013

Charlotte Tilbury Make-Up Launch at Selfridges.

Last Monday I was in London and visited Selfridges as Charlotte Tilbury was launching her new make-up line. Yes I nearly peed my pants!  (Was going to save this till later on in the post but guess what??? I only met her!!).

 I have been following some might even say stalking Charlotte on Twitter and YouTube for like forever and I have got to say that women knows make-up. She makes the application look so easy and effortless and the looks she creates are just simply stunning.

Charlotte`s colour products are curated into 10 looks.

The 10 looks range from:

Five natural looks and five nocturnal looks to take you from desk, to dusk, to disco (Charlotte's words).

As I walked into Selfridges I ran straight to the counter and was pushing past all the other eager women and the odd man wanting to swatch,swatch,swatch. The atmosphere was amazing bordering on sheer bedlam with Charlotte in the midst of it.

I purchased five items and won a mini pot of Charlotte`s Magic Cream on the roulette game that was set up in store.

I purchased the Colour Chameleon eye shadow crayons in Black Diamonds and Amber Haze.These are crayon eyeshadows and the colours are specifically designed for individual eye colours. Charlotte has formulated these so you can enhance your natural eye colour with clever lighting tricks. Waaaa love a good sparkly eye me!

Black Diamonds is recommended for us blue eye girls and is just stunning for a dramatic eye. Amber Haze is recommended for brown eyes. I never realised this till I got home but to be honest I really love it and I think it enhances the blueness in my eyes even if it is stated it`s for brown eyes. I use this alone on a daily basis to complete a natural make-up look.  Both crayons are easy to use,highly pigmented and you have literally twenty seconds to blend them in because once they set they ain`t budging for the day. (Don't worry they do come off once you apply make-up remover, I made it sound like they was on for LIFE!).

The Dolce Vita Eye palette Charlotte recommended to me and my Mum personally, so we had to try it she said its her favourite out of all the palettes. These palettes are colour coded so... 

Charlotte states colour 1 is used across the eye to prime. Colour 2 is to enhance 3 to pop and colour 4 to smoke. (On the eye palette it states 3 is to smoke an 4 is to pop so I have got these wrong way round (typical)but the colours are right). 

The palette is so lovely the texture feels creamy on application and all the colours are so easy to blend and work with. They are highly pigmented with little fall out so I could imagine it lasting me a good while. I think its the favourite night time eye-palette I now own.

Onto LIPSTICK!! Oh I love a bright lipstick and this definitely is bright. This is the shade from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and is called Velvet Underground.  How hot is this?

It caught my eye and I just couldn't leave it sitting there looking at me. Just beautiful and I adore the packaging can`t go wrong with a bit of gold. This is very bright especially on the lip so I would advise trying before you buy. I popped this on as soon as I bought it and it reminds me of the Mac creme sheen formula's but has the staying power of a matte lipstick. It feels super smooth and nourishing and It doesn't bleed, I absolutely adore it. There is ten lipsticks in this range and I think I will be purchasing some of the other shades.

  Next up is the Three-Way Shape, Lift & Shade Tool. There is three pencils in this range based on famous celebrity's with iconic eyebrows. The three looks are Cara Delevingne,Grace Kelly and Brook Shields. This is a sleek pencil with a brush at one end an eyebrow pencil/crayon at the other end and you screw off in the middle there is a highlighter. I chose Cara D as this was the darkest shade.

This was the product I was most excited about and I am disappointed. Firstly all the exterior writing and embellishment literally wiped off within a day. Okay I can live with this not like I am drawing my eyebrows on with the artwork. But..and it pains me to say this it just doesn't work for me. The crayon doesn't offer enough coverage and I have tried to build it up. No matter now much I brush out my brows it just doesn't look right. 

I am not giving up though because the concept is really perfect for me so bare with me whilst I give this a good trial run. I may be using it wrong and it won't be the first time I have not liked a product, then fell in love with it. Sorry not really a great summary of this but I am in two minds about it.

I am really happy with all my purchases It was a wonderful day.Charlotte was lovely. So bubbly, friendly and chatty. I really feel that her heart and soul has been pumped into this collection. She has videos on You Tube for every product showing you how she uses it to create the different looks all the products are based around. which I think Is a helpful, useful and necessary addition for the likes of me who struggles in the whole eye make-up application area. . 

This is a make-up line created by someone who lives and breathes it every day, it certainly is a make-up revolution.

This is my favourite picture took with Charlotte. She was laughing because my Mum told her I had been nicking her make-up and skincare for years.

Have you tried anything from the new collection? Or as anything caught your eye? 




  1. Loved this post, can't wait to get some Charlotte Tilbury in my life! Dolce Vite was the palette I liked the best do can't wait to get it now! So jealous you met Charlotte too, she looks so lovely!

    Jo x


  2. Can't wait to try my bits Ant, I bought the Dolce Vita palette instore and one of the coloured eyeshadow pencils-I tried to purchase the brown you bought but it was out of stock. As you know my purchasing experience with Selfridges online and in store wasn't the best-online I paid to have the items delivered Thurs morning the day I arrived in London and they only came yesterday and in store the counter was chaotic and the girls didn't have a clue where anything was. Charlotte did tweet me her apologies over the online cock up and I am really looking forward to trying the bits I bought xxxx

    1. I think you will love Dolce Vita please let me know about eye brow pencil because I want to love it I just don't know if my eyebrows are too thick. Oh and the sculpt palette too and anything else your love haha! Xx

  3. Great collection of items. I haven't tried the eyebrow pencil, what a shame it's not great. I tend to use powder for my brows, which is why I didn't buy, but liked the highlighter. Loving my Dolce Vita :) xxx

    1. Well with more use its not too bad,not the best though. Dolce Vita is soooo amazing isn't it so glad I picked it up. xxxxx

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