13 April 2016

Beauty: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet -Dont Pink Of It

I really love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte lip products! 

That 's a bit of a mouthful huh?

They are not for everyone, and I feel are very much like marmite. So onto the dislikes where I feel you might be put off -  I don't really like the smell, and the texture is well lets say - a little weird.

bourjois dont pink of it

Now onto the good. They feel super soft, and light on application to the point of the product feeling quite synthetic, but I ain`t gonna lie -  I kinda love this feeling. 

But I don't think everyone will!

 This colour is like really, really, really pigmented. The lasting power is around 2 hours, after eating and drinking. Personally I don't find these lip products drying, but a lot of reviews state otherwise.

"Don't Pink Of It" is a beautiful pink nude shade, that is really close to my own lip shade. But it gives my natural lip shade a more consistent colour, and a bit of heee yahhh!  

It's perfect for nights out, when eye make-up and contour is the star of the show, and you want a lip colour that doesn't steal the show, but just does its thang naturally, along side all that jazz! I love a matte lip. It makes such a bold statement, with pretty much no effort. It stays on the lips longer as opposed to a glossy more sheerer finish. Perfect for when you are out for long periods of time, and want your lip colour to stay put. 

It fades evenly, which is another bonus. Nothing worse than rocking a patchy, stained lip. 
They cost £8.99 each, but Boots always have offers and 3 for 2 deals on - so you're sure to pick them up for a lot cheaper.

Have you tried this, or other colours from this range? Would love to know your thoughts. 

You can purchase " don't pink of it"   here 



  1. You look absolutely beautiful in these photos Ant! This looks so gorgeous on you! I have one in Nude-Ist and it's so pretty but it stinks haha xxx

    1. Ahh thanks sweetheart. Yes the smell is vile, but I soooo love every other part. xxx

  2. Ant you look incredibly beautiful in this post!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  3. You look so stunning! These are a really nice formula, and in terms of a "liquid lipstick" I definitely don't find them drying, but they definitely don't have the same crazy lasting power as other similar formulas. However, I definitely agree they last for a long while especially through eating and drinking.


  4. I have a few of these. I love the formula. That shade looks beautiful, i will definitely check it out :) xx


  5. You should really post more pictures of yourself, you're a stunner! That shade is so pretty on you and I wish it wasn't that expensive here in Canada. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Ah thanks so much. That is such a shame that it is so expensive there. :o( xx

  6. You are one stunning lady! I love this entire look & am very tempted by the lipstick! xx


  7. Such a gorgeous, everyday pink! The Rouge Edition Velvets might be my favourite liquid lipstick on the market! :)


  8. You look so pretty and this shade is a great fit for you. I love liquid lipsticks.


    1. Ah thanks, and yes me too i think they are my favourite type too. xx

  9. I totally get what you mean about this being synthetic feeling. There are definitely some 'odd' aspects to them, but I still love the three I picked up from the original shades. I think Don't Pink Of It would be a better shade for me than Nude-Ist, so I may pick this one up too! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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