30 March 2016

Beauty: Lancome Loves - Featuring Berry In Love Juicy Shaker.

Lancome was the first high-end make-up brand I tried. Nicked from my Mum's make-up bag, I loved their mascaras, and Juicy Tubes since the ripe old age of 10, no lie.

I sometimes forget about Lancome though, for me it can get a little lost in the beauty bloggersphere, as they don't really do Twitter, or any PR campaigns, like lets say Benefit, Clarins etc - but with the release of the new Juicy Shakers well their presence was back, and with a bang.

I couldn't resist popping along to Debenhams and picking one of the Juicy Shakers up. It is just a bit different to anything out there at the mo, and I was sucked right in. I had some points on my card, so this softened the blow a tad as £18 initially for me, well it seemed a bit steep.

lancome product review

As I was browsing at the counter, I forgot how much I love their Teint Visionnaire Foundation. So I snapped one up. Housed in a heavy glass jar that appears very luxe.
There is 18 shades in the range, so you are sure to pick up a perfect colour match.

 This product offers two expert steps which is such an amazing concept, a concealer and foundation in one,  I am surprised other brands haven't jumped on this idea.  The high coverage corrector concealer is housed at the top of the jar, with a flip lid and a round mirror. It is a creamy concealer that offers high coverage, easily covering appearance of dark spots, redness and dark circles. I apply this before and after the foundation, depending on what type of skin day I am having. 

The foundation is dispensed via a pump, and is a light runny liquid. My favourite tool to use with this is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. The foundation offers incredible coverage, and is easy to blend in. I buff into the skin, which takes just under two minutes. The finish is outstanding, a semi- matte but slightly luminous appearance,  it evens skin-tone, covers blemishes and redness with ease - it makes skin appear radiant, and the appearance of fine lines are reduced. It lasts all day, and feels light and hydrating on the skin. This is down to the incorporation of ingredients used in the foundation from their Visionnaire skincare range, hence the name. A foundation that is hands down in my top 3 favourites.

I then picked up The Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, I like all the Lancome Hypnose Mascaras, but Drama is my favourite. It leaves the most dramatic finish.  Housed in a sleek black tube, the curved brush hugs the lashes giving them everything they need, length, volume and thickness, without a clump in sight. Two swipes and well you are all done. The product has no fall out, the curl and finish last all day. It is my holy grail, and a product I always have in my stash. I have tried a lot of mascaras high end and budget, for me this is worth every penny. 

Finally onto what the whole beauty world is currently loving at the mo. The Lancome Juicy Shaker I was in 2 minds whether to buy one. I like a strong long lasting lip finish and colour, these are the opposite. 

I picked the brightest shade on offer Berry In Love and guess what? I just absolutely love it. First things first the packaging is so much fun, a mini cocktail shaker - shake the oil and tint, and unscrew the lid and a gorgeous pointed oval soft, (I mean super soft) sponge is covered with a bi phased formula containing nourishing lip oils, including sweet almond oil and cranberry oil.

lancome berry in love product review

The first thing you notice is the smell, oh wow! It smells absolutely delightful, this one specifically smells like a mixed berry smoothie. Dabbing the product on the lips, it feel so soft, just the right amount of product is on the sponge, so no waste. Berry In Love leaves the most gorgeous sheer light cerise pink stain, that stays around for around 2 hours with no eating or drinking. It is a lot lighter and pinker on the lip, than the colour in the shaker. The presence of the oil leaves a gorgeous shiny wet appearance to the lips. It feels so light and nourishing, and I have been using it every day since I purchased. I think if i had chosen any of the lighter shades, well I wouldn't have been impressed. I do like a strong colour on my lips, but for those who don't - well I could imagine these would be extra special for you. Fleur De Force has swatches of 8 of the shakers, including Berry In Love here

There are 14 shades in the range. They are fun, and take me back to my childhood. I really like them. 

Would I pay £18 again for one? Maybe not, but I would use any points I earn towards another one - I have my eyes on Mangoes Wild, and Berry Tale.

Have you picked up anything from Lancome recently?

I would love to hear about any products you love.



  1. I love the Hypnose mascaras too - they're so good, and definitely worth the investment!

  2. Lancome was my first ever high end foundation! I remember my Mum giving me her bottle of Teint Miracle to cover my acne when I was 15 and I felt like a goddess whilst wearing it! I love their products :)

    Natasha Kendall

  3. The Juicy Shakers are amazing! I love that they smell incredible xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. The smell is just so good, i could eat it haha. xxx


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