15 March 2016

Beauty: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Stop the press, want perfect foundation application every-time? Don't we all huh?

 I have found after many years, the best way to apply foundation is with a sponge, and am a tell you why right here.

I have been using a Beauty Blender for around 18 months now, and then switched to the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Around two thirds cheaper than its counterpart, I was hoping it was just as good. 

real techniques miracle sponge review

Real Techniques description is as follows: 

Optimize your beauty routine with this 3-in-1 multi- functional sponge.

  • Rounded sides - blend large areas of the face with a repeated "dabbing" or "stippling" motion.

  • Precision tip - covers blemishes and imperfections.

  • Flat edge - for the contours around the eyes and nose.

To begin, I soak the sponge in warm water till it doubles in size, and then squeeze out a much water as possible.

I then apply foundation directly to the sponge, and start at the centre of the face dabbing the foundation around the main area (cheek, chin and forehead) working it out, to the outer part of the face, where less coverage is needed. I carry on this process until I achieve the desired coverage.

I then apply concealer to the areas that need it, usually t-zone, and under eyes and dab sponge until blended. I prefer this to its counterpart, as it's a little softer and bouncier in texture, making it easy to work with. The flat edge is the perfect shape when pressing around the eye area, leaving concealer blended perfectly, and looking flawless.

I love this approach for many reasons, there is no brush marks on the skin, it is so relaxing and soft when applying, it leaves a flawless, and very natural finish to the skin. I always get comments about my base when I use this tool, no matter what foundation I use. This pimps it to the next level. 

To clean, I use the Beauty Blender soap after each use, making sure it is is all rinsed out and leave to dry naturally. It isn't the most hygienic approach, sponging away every morning, so I usually replace every month, but for a price of £5.99, well I feel it's completely worth it.  If you wear a light base or tinted moisturiser, then this may not be the best option, but for a full coverage foundation - well this is just a match made in heaven,

It takes a little longer to apply foundation this way, compared to a brush, but I feel adding the extra 5-7 minutes on top of your usual make-up routine is totally worth it, taking into consideration the flawless finish that is gained.

If you are looking to achieve a natural finish every time, then this Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Is worth giving a whirl. I 100% recommend this over the Beauty Blender, even though I like both - this is better in my opinion,  and a third of the price.

What tool are you currently loving to apply foundation?



  1. I. Must. Purchase!
    I used my beauty sponge for the first time in around 6 months today and I've no idea why I stopped using it! The difference in comparison to lets sy the Expert Face Brush by R.T (my typical foudnation brush) is so noticeable!

    Kayleigh x

  2. I have been on the fence of buying this since forever! I love using RT buffing brush for applying my foundation because it is so quick and the thought of bouncing a sponge on my face seems to take forever. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and take the plunge, eh?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. I LOVE this little sponge so much! I always throw it in my washing machine to clean it haha xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. OMG i am crying!!! That is sooooo funny. I am gonna try it. xxx

  4. I love this sponge too! I also struggle to get it clean so I'll try Gemmas tip haha xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Haha how funny, the washing machine seems so extreme lol. xx

    2. Haha how funny, the washing machine seems so extreme lol. xx


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