28 May 2016

Beauty: The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

If you are a tad partial to popping over to this neck of the woods, you may know that my favourite "must have" skincare item that I added to my night-time routine in recent years, is a facial oil. The difference it has made to my skin condition, and appearance is astounding. 

I picked the The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil around four weeks ago now. I initially was drew in by the packaging, but then on further inspection reading the description - I knew I had to try it. 

the body shop oils for life intensely revitalising facial oil

I have been so impressed with The Body Shop the past 6 months, the new offering and products I have tried are of a very high standard. I just keep going back for more.

Now onto the facial oil.  I particularly love the packaging. Housed in a glass bottle the golden, deep red, two- tone shade, has a very luxurious feel to it. To open, you unscrew the black top and It is easy to use, a standard pipette to drop the oil out. 

The oil feels really similar to Clarins Facial Oils. I was so happy about this, as I adore this type of texture and consistency. Oily but non greasy, and really smooth and light.  The scent is invigorating, and I personally pick up a slight undertone of lavender and citrus.

The main ingredients include: black cumin seed oil that moisturises, tames redness,and nourishes, camellia seed oil that has a high amount of omega 9 which deeply moisturises the skin, perfect for dry and ageing skin, and rosehip oil this helps prevents wrinkles, pigmentation, and acne scarring.

I use every night after my serum. I apply by patting all over the face lightly, and then massage a little deeper in circular motions around my forehead to work out any frown lines .

So onto the good stuff. It plumps and hydrates my skin resulting in frown lines around my eyebrows and forehead appearing reduced. My skin is supple and soft, which helps combat dullness and dehydration which then aids my skin feeling, and appearing smoother. 

For The Body Shop the oil is a tad expensive, at £28. I am more than happy paying this, as my skin loves it. I have tried a lot of facial oils over the years, and so far I only have ever took to Clarins and Trilogy Rosehip Oil,  I am not easily impressed when it comes to facial oils, as a lot that I have tried can feel greasy, do not absorb and sit on the skin, they can be over fragranced. Some can even feel gritty. 

I wrote a post all about the amazing benefits of using facial oils here  no matter what your skin type is, if you fancy a nose.

Do you like the sound of this oil? Do you think you will try? 

The Body Shop offer samples, so be sure to pop in and pick one up.



  1. This sounds great! I've started using oils but all mine are quite heavy duty. It is so good that they do samples too, I'll definitely be picking one up.

    1. Yes they do mini bottle samples, so cute. x

  2. That bottle would suck me in too - I kinda want it if it stops your skin looking dull because mine can be a nightmare depending on what I eat. Although as weird as this question is, with cumin does it not smell like curry? 😂 x

    1. Hahaha nope i don't pick up any of the cumin scent. Go in ask for a sample you will love it. x

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Aren't they? I can't get enough of them. Oh i tried the Sunday Riley one, was only a sample but was not blown away, think it is more the hefty price tag tat put me off to haha xx

  4. Im always scared to try face oils incase they break me out! Do you normally break out if you try oily products?
    I also would love for you to check out my blog if you have the chance. Im very new so any tips you have would be invaluable! http://rebeccalaurenblogs.blogspot.co.uk


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