19 May 2016

Beauty: Vita Liberata Dry Oil Tan Review

Oh hey everyone. (Waves emoji).

Sorry for lack of beauty posts, I have been off gallivanting on my jollies - and drinking Sangria and lounging on the beach all the live long day - well it is hard work.

I am coming at you all today, with the most beautiful must have "Summer" product.

The *Vita Liberata Dry Oil Tan.

vita liberata dry oil tan review

Now am gonna paint a picture for you, when on holiday I wear a very high SPF, don't sunbathe. But my god, that doesn't mean I don't crave a sun-kissed tan like every other Tom, Dick and Harry - baking themselves on the beach. 

My initial thoughts of a tanning oil, was ahhhmaaagawd! I find tanning products so drying, and after a while they leave my skin looking so dull. I adore facial and hair oils, so I was so excited to try this *Vita Libereta Dry Oil Tan,  as I have never tried anything like it before. 

Offering a skincare regime whilst tanning and protecting the skin, this 3 in 1 product had me ripping the box open, and lathering it on as soon as it landed on my desk.

Beautifully packaged in a heavy tall glass bottle, with a gold screw top.  The pouring dispenser is a small hole - this makes sure that just the right amount of product is distributed onto your hands or body. Always much welcomed with oil - as they can get blooming everywhere. 

The product is a dark brown, slightly glossy dry oil, it feels really beautiful on the skin - leaving the skin feeling super soft, nourished, and left with an instant tan, that then develops over a couple of hours. It washes off the hands easily, and doesn't stick in any dry parts of the body, or feel sticky or wet. This is down to the oil element, it glides over the skin effortlessly.

I used this all over my face and body, every day whilst away on my jollies - and I have nothing but pure love for this product. I would apply it in the morning, and it would offer me protection all day, it advises to reapply every 2 hours, I never, but maybe in really hot, hot climates -  then do follow these instructions. 

If I had a dip in the pool, or sea I would reapply as it is not water resistant. This was the only tiny niggle for me.

The 3 in 1 element is much welcomed, as it literally kills 3 birds with one stone.  First up It has:

 "East African Marula Oil for superior anti-aging and hydrating benefits - 4 x more hydrating than Argan Oil with 4 x more Vitamin C than Oranges.Tahitian Monoi Oil for healing, skin repair and additional moisture locking".  

It then slowly develops into a sun-kissed beautiful tan, leaving a slight sheen and glow to the skin. Delicious huh? It does not stop there either, with the added high factor 50 SPF protecting your skin, it is much welcomed as you don't have to add any additional product in the mix. 

It has literally been made for all us lazy bones!

Clinical trials found that the pHenO2® Technology offers the longest lasting tan result - up to 10 days with just 1 application. I second this, my tan is still here, fading naturally with no patches.

 I used this around 12 times, applying to my whole body and face. There is still over half left in the bottle - a little goes a long way.

 It made my holiday experience so much better. I am usually self conscious because I look so pale, and having my pasty legs and arms on display is terrifying.  

Any other tan I  tried in the past, either faded, or went patchy due to the sea water and chlorine. By day 3 my spray tan had gone, and I was covering my body up for the remainder of my holiday - as I resembled a giant milk bottle. 

I am so glad it lived up to my expectations, and let me strut around like any other tanned human.

A lot of people are now shying away from sunbathing, and opting to fake their tan. 
If this is the case for you, this really is a must try.

You can buy here


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