06 July 2016

Beauty: Madame La La Tan Review

I have faked my tan for over a decade now, and wouldn't have it any other way. 
For me, the tanning products currently being launched onto the market, are just getting better, and better. 

Gone are the days that we have to smell like biscuits,  look insanely Umpa Lumpa like, and worry about our legs looking like someone has threw Bisto gravy at them.  

All been there right?

I had never heard of *Madame La La Tan before, and when I received the parcel I was super impressed with the packaging. The bottle is huge, and it houses a generous 200ml,  and I love the black, gold and white colour scheme.

The tan is a mousse, probably one of my favourites in terms of easy application. 

The mousse is a brown colour, so you can see exactly where you are putting it, and stroke out any streaks. I use a tanning mit, AND a plastic glove. I am always super cautious regarding tan application - due to some pretty horrific mishaps in the past. I have now learned, prepping the skin is key. Soft, exfoliated and hydrated skin, well it can make or break the appearance of your tan.

The mousse has Coco water in, and it has the most gorgeous Coconut smell that is apparent as soon as you press the pump down,  and dispense the mousse.

madame la la tan

It also feels hydrating, smooth and soft on the skin as you apply it. 

I slapped it on around 8pm, and it took 5 minutes to do my whole body. 
I then stood like an angry, cold starfish (standard), chanting "dry, dry, dry, dry''  It must have worked because I am super happy to report that it dried really quickly, within 3 minutes. 
There is a light tan instantly, than then this develops, and it says not to shower or bathe for 10 hours. 

I always find to apply, and then leave overnight, is the best way to apply these type of tans.

In the morning I woke up to the most gorgeous deep golden tan, and wait it gets better!!  None of my white sheets had a mark on, (this is just mind blowing to me, I am forever using Vanish every damn week on my sheets, down to tan stains).

I have been super lazy in the tanning department this week, as the sun hasn't been out.  Usually I would top up my tan a little each day. But I didn't in this case, and was happy that one application gave me about 3 days worth of being a golden bronzed goddess, It then faded without a patch or streak in sight. 

Madame La La is currently presenting its products along the Alexander Wang Show in Paris, and I feel from my experience of this product, that this is a brand, and tanning range that I will be keeping my eye on.  

You can shop the tan here , and it is currently on offer with 1/3 off.




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