22 July 2016

Food: The Soho Juice Co

As the sun is cracking the flags (literally), we are all craving refreshing cool and specifically COLD drinks.

My Mum has been raving about The Soho Juice Co juice to me for a while now, it was the gorgeous packaging that caught her eye. She has a couple dotted in display units around the house, and they look so quirky.

When the company contacted me asking if I would like to try the Juice, well how could I refuse

soho juice

The concoction of ingredients sounded delightful: cucumber, mint, lemon and lime.

This juice can be drank alone, or as part of a cocktail. I decided to mix with 1 part gin, 1 part Prosecco, and then half a bottle of ice cold Soho Juice.

It was the most refreshing and lightest cocktail I have ever tried. It is not fizzy, and feels very smooth on the palette.

I imagine this juice would work so well with all the paler coloured spirits, vodka, martini, gin etc, like a match made in heaven.

All the flavours mingle well, and are not overpowering at all. It is a real delight for the tastebuds.

If you are looking to pimp up your drinking game, alcoholic, or non, well I can 100% recommend giving this juice a try.  The Soho Juice Co website can be found here



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