06 March 2017

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

I had read so many amazing reviews of the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder,  I don't tend to use setting powders a lot as my skin is dry as dust, but when I do it is usually a pressed powder.
The past couple of years my go-to product has been the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Powder priced at £27, I really like the product but you only get a minuscule 7g of product.

The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder is £17.00 or currently on sale (here) for £11.33, so a lot more purse friendly, and there is 28g of product.

I use a setting powder to set my under eye concealer and foundation around my t-zone.
The powder claims to enhance the hold of make-up for 16 hours, and its micro-fine fragrance free texture is water resistant, and does not settle in fine lines or wrinkles.

House in a round plastic pot, you unscrew the lid and there is a round sponge on top of a plastic cover with small holes, and the powder is housed underneath. I don't use the sponge. I tap a little in the lid, and swoosh around with a Real Techniques Setting Brush and tap any excess back off into the pot.
You do tend to loose some of the product in the midst of this, but I am yet to find a loose powder were you don't lose some of the product along the way.

I then dab around my eye area and down my t-zone. The product feels incredibly soft, light-weight, and only a little is needed. I can imagine it is going to last a good while.

The white powder is translucent on the skin, doesn't change the colour of your foundation, and does not settle in any fine lines in anyway.
It is considerably effective if you want to bake your make-up.
(More info about baking make-up here)

My foundation seems to wear off around my nose and chin as the day progresses, but when using this powder it stays on longer. I don't agree that it holds make-up for 16 hours. After 8 hours my foundation wears off around my nose and chin. But to be fair my foundation has always done this, no matter what one I use, and if I don't use this setting powder it wears off in half the time.

I highly recommend this product, the price and quality of the product is a thumbs up, and I now doubt I would ever be trotting back to Nars to hand over £27 for there setting powder.

I feel it would be especially perfect for people with oily skin as it is mattifying, all whilst not appearing, or feeling cakey on the skin.

Do you use a setting powder? Do you prefer loose or pressed?




  1. Adore this powder, it's so good! X

  2. I've been eyeing up this powder for a while. Not sure whether to go for this or the Kat Von D one. Think you've sold me though!

  3. I tried this and it really didn't help my makeup wear.

    Karen x

  4. I've had a MAC one for years which is lasting well (I rarely set with powder) but it's so pricey. This sounds not like a much better deal!

  5. This is such a good setting powder! I also like the Shu Uemura invisible & the Laura Mercier x

  6. That's great that it makes your foundation last longer, I am all for that as I get quite oily!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  7. I really like this powder, I have really dry skin and struggle to find powders that don't cake but this is lovely xxxx

  8. I have this powder, it is so good as it doesn't cling to any of my dry patches.

    Kenzie x
    Kenzie | LemonaidLies - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  9. I've been using this powder for a few years and tend to use it in the summer as my skin is naturally oily anyway but in the summer this works wonders!

    Rebecca Coco

  10. Everyone says how fab this is - I must try it xx

  11. I have this one somewhere so I must dig it out and give it another go - nothing's keeping my oily t-zone under control at the minute!

    Gemma x | flutterandsparkle.com


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