29 April 2014

Beauty || This Is War- Spots! The Essentials.

Bad skin days grace us all with their presence and make us feel pretty down.  (Oh ok,I would even push it and say I have actually cried and refused to leave the house, such a drama queen)

I wish I had the option of living under a rock until it sorts itself out, but unfortunately every day life doesn't let that happen and you can`t just stop everything because the mother of all spots has descended bang in the middle of your fod. 

So after the hysterics and refusing to leave the house, I then realise that I do have to leave the house and have to do something to treat and cover the little terror (or two).

I think I have this part nailed! (Punch emoji)

So,ok they are never going to just disappear, especially when it`s in its prime, and a throbbing, bulging, angry lump with its own pulse. We can try and speed up the little terrors presence though and try our best to cover them up, without agitating it and making it worse.

So I will start at the beginning. When you can feel the little terror gracing you with its presence.

Ok so we all know (especially us ladies) when our skin is prone to start kicking up a fuss and playing up (certain time of the month) so preparing for the little rascals is key.

GlamGlow Face Mud Mask

I love this face mask so much. I can only describe it as a kick up the bum for the skin. It provides multi-exfoliation and the collagen infused mask claims to penetrate the deepest layer of the skin. It also claims to soften lines, wrinkles and tighten and tone the skin. For the past two months I have used this 2-3 days before I surmise my skin is going to erupt and this has minimised the breakouts significantly. This mask tingles a lot but it`s not painful or uncomfortable in any sense of the word and the sensation only lasts a couple of minutes.

My skin is super sensitive and this hasn't agitated it in any way. When the mask goes hard you then wash away in circular movements. It`s easy to remove and the skin is left feeling oh so soft -like a baba's bum.

I think this is working so well as it is reducing any outbreaks before they reach the top layer of the skin it`s penetrating the deepest layer of the skin and calming down the little terrors before they turn into full grown angry spots. This is my theory anyway,( I am no skin expert) but two months of using this my outbreaks have significantly reduced and this is the only new product I have introduced.  This is the cheapest price I have found as the RRP is a bit on the dear side.

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel

I remember buying this online thinking "oh what a bargain" and then it turned up and the bottle was smaller than my thumb (seriously) anyway I understand why this is now as it`s a concentrated gel/fluid that is potent and the tiniest bit is needed.

You dab the smallest amount on the spot and let it do its thang. I dab on with a cotton bud and avoid my skin as it is such a drying product. It has Salicylic acid in so tingles a little on application. It creates a barrier over the spot and calms the area down. I usually apply this of an evening and I feel the spot is less angry and any redness has reduced by morning.Whilst this doesn't eradicate spots instantly it 100% speeds up the healing time and keeps the spot confined. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

My favourite concealer for covering spots! Can`t you tell look at the packaging (the shame) think (no I know) I need a new one ASAP. There is 3 colour versions available so you are sure to find one to match your skin-tone. The two shades in the pan match the skin depth of colour and the other matches the skin undertone, so your own custom shade can be achieved. The sales assistant also told me she loves it as she switches between shades depending on times of year and if her skin is tanned etc.(Soooo doesn't apply to me, the paley)

This is a thick, softish cream type texture that is oil free. It applies to the skin wonderfully so creamy and will cover any angry spots and redness with ease. When a spot is coming to the end of its war on my skin it can go so dry. I love that this product doesn't sit on the dry skin and expose it for all the world to see. I feel a thicker, creamy type concealer like this is key in covering and concealing spots. A thin fluid concealer like Rimmel Wake Me Up literally does nothing and is more suitable around the eyes and for highlighting.


I apply a primer currently Benefit Porefessional and then apply the concealer with my finger or small concealer brush dabbing and pressing it lightly onto the area. I will then leave for five minutes before I apply foundation. Also when you use a finishing powder just press lightly onto the area, don't dust, rub or use quick movements as you are just undoing all your hard work. Lightly does it poppets.

Dior HYDRA LIFE Beauty Awakening Rehydrating Mask

So your poor skin has been through the mill and needs some major TLC. I feel my skin is just so dry, washed out and down in the dumps after battling with the little terrors. What better way to soothe and calm the skin than a cooling face mask. This just feels oh so lovely on the skin pumping some of that hydration back in. I leave it on my skin overnight then wash my face next morning (obviously) It helps clear up the dry patches the little terrors leave behind and plumps up the skin beautifully. I recently had a couple of sachets of The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask and if you want a cheaper alternative to this Dior one well I can highly recommend this. 

Other tips that are sure to help:

  • Washing make-up brushes once a week so it limits the spread of bacteria.
  • Removing make-up thoroughly.
  • Glug water like no ones business.
  • Avoid squeezing, picking and monkeying about with the little terrors. (So hard I know, but you really are just agitating them even more and making them worse)

Do you have any tips or holy grail products that you couldn't be without?



  1. I soooooooooo need to try GLAMGLOW, it really does sound epic for clearing spots and something I neeeeeeeeed xxx


  2. I have a sample of the Glamglow mud mask and I love it! Such a shame it is so expensive though because I don't think I will be able to buy the full size when I run out. I really want to try the Origins Spot Remover too because I always hear great things about it! x

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