09 December 2015

Beauty - Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

After having my little boy, well he's 3 now -  so not that little. I don't buy myself as much make-up as I used too. I can be a little mean with myself, I suppose that comes with having a child. 

I don't skimp on my skincare, ohhh noo as my skin can be a little menace and I can't mess around with that, but make-up wise, I kind of invest in a good high-end base and brow product, (nothing worse than your brow ending up on your lip by 2pm), and the rest I wing.

One high-end brand I absolutely love and feel is just on point, is Charlotte Tilbury. I have a fair amount from her collection, (considering I have just been moaning that I never really treat myself I have got a cheek), and when I heard that she was releasing a new foundation. Well I was super excited.

Foundation is a tricky one to buy online so I waited till I was in London, as I wanted to get colour matched at a counter. (Also stocked at Selfridges and John Lewis across the UK)

The foundation is described as: 

"A new generation of anti-ageing, full coverage foundation that morphs to your face in a weightless texture, for a perfect looking second skin that lasts all day."

There is a huge amount of info on CT's website about this foundation so do have a nose.
But it is basically for any skin type, and any age. 

To me, loving or hating a foundation is all down to the application. It can make or break your opinion of it. I apply 90% of foundations with a beauty blender, and I just love this none evasive approach that this technique offers, compared to a brush. It always feels so relaxing applying this way, and I feel I get so much longer wear time from the foundation, and every- time without fail, my foundation appears super natural - no matter what coverage I opt for. 

Now onto the product. Housed in a gorgeous glass jar with a rose gold tall lid, I display this proudly out on my dresser, it's far too pretty to be shoved away in the drawer.
I was colour matched and shade 4 was the best match, it is a neutral peach for Light to Medium Skin Tones with Cool Undertones. The foundation is a medium coverage, but is buildable and when you do build on it, well it creates a heavy coverage that will just about banish anything you want hidden , but don't be scared that it will appear cakey, it so doesn't, all this is achieved effortlessly, with no fear of your face feeling like you have concrete slapped all over it. It feels incredibly soft and lightweight if anything. Winner huh?

It is dispersed through a pump that you push down and a little amount comes out. Just perfect, no waste.

A lot of people was all like, "If you love Estée Lauder Doublewear well you will love this"! 

Yes I see similarities. The whole concealer  larkcan pretty much be sacked off, this stands alone for your base, as it offers such amazing coverage. One thing I have found is that is doesn't have the longevity that Doublewear offers.

(Before and After)

(I have so many better before pictures but for a full week I never slept much, so skin is dull and eyes are very puffy. I wanted to show you how much this product contributed to me looking half alive, well that, and my amazing friends make-up skills)

 One advantage I really love is that this feels a lot lighter on the skin and appears more luminous, and for them people with dry skin, who are a little put off by Doublewear, (I never have been and I have dry skin, more info on the post above) then this could be a worthy option. The finish is semi-matte, so a little more forgiving.
It stays where it is meant to on your face, and doesn't transfer onto anything. On the whole I really, really like it. It ticks every box, and to be honest I didn't expect anything less from CT!

 I ain't no foundation expert, but what I am is a lady who has slapped a lot of foundation on her face over this lifetime, and take it from me, this one is worth trying. 

It costs £29 for 30ml.


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