08 December 2015

Inspiration from Pinterest - Dressing Table.

Anyone else just a bit obsessed with Pinterest? If you don't know what it is go download the app and have a nose. It`s basically pictures of pretty much everything in the whole wide world that you then pin to boards you create, to source inspiration and ideas. So for example in this case- Dressing Table. 

dressing table shabby chic inspiration

Once you start. You will be addicted.

So, ok. My partner in crime asks me what I want for my Birthday and I say/ shout/ beg!

 " Will you finally clear the space where our Son`s cot was, and sort me a dressing table area out?? Pronto."

He`s a good egg really, and said he would get onto it. Being the DIY phobic that he is I was quite impressed. We have planned a few trips to Ikea and some car boots.(Heaven)

I hope to have the space done and dusted in a month. Yes we mean business.

So the first thing I done, after I squealed was go on Pinterest.

I have my own profile @allurelavie  if you want to follow, these are some of the ideas I have for the space that I just love, and thought I would share.

As you can see its very shabby chic esque. Fairy lights, flowers and candles galore. All the pictures are pinned on my profile and linked back to the original pinner if you fancy a nose.



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