03 March 2016

Beauty: The Stay At Home Mani

So nothing beats a manicure at the salon, or a shellac treatment in my opinion, and as you can see I ain't the best nail painter in town, but tendering the claws at home is a weekly do for the majority of us, so I am chatting about some key tools, and products that are making this at stay at home mani business - well a bit okay.


EOS Rasberry Hand Cream: First things first, I find using a hand cream and massaging the cuticles, and pushing back with some cotton buds, prior to getting my paint on helps to make the polish look neater, and help the nails/ stumps in my case, appear longer. I love how small and compact this hand-cream is, and the raspberry smell is so uplifting and fresh.

Rococo 4-Way Pro- Glass Nail File:
Wowzers my first glass nail file, and there is no going back now. 
This one is so easy to use, and super quick a couple of swipes and nails are done. I found you have to be a little more light handed when using it, compared to a regular nail file, but the finish is more smooth and precise.  It has it's own pouch, is washable, and looks like it is going to last a long time -so a real investment.

Sally Hanson Advanced Hard as Nail Varnish: I have used this since I trained to be a beauty therapist, 13 years ago now.  It's a great purse friendly product to help your nails grow. I also use as a base coat and top coat, as it dries so quickly. 

Bourjois La Laque Nail Polish - Lychees (7) & Chair Et Tendre (2): I really like these nail polishes, It was the shades, and the shape of the bottles that drew me in. They ain't Winter, nor Spring shades, just a bit in-between. The application of the polish is easy, the colours are very pigmented and they appear the same on the nail, as they appear in the bottle. There is 12 shades in the range.  
A top coat is a must  though, as they chip pretty soon without one.

OPI Quick Dry: I bought this, and was in 2 minds wondering if it was just a fad product, but it's really not. This product lasts forever. I have had mine a year now, and it's only half gone. Spray on each set of nails when painted, and it speeds up the drying time, and leaves the cuticles looking, and feeling super nourished.

What's your favourite stay at home mani products?



  1. I am a lazy arse when it comes to my nails, I mean I trim, file and paint them but that's as far as it goes. Maybe it's time for me to invest in some nail treatments?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes do it, i am pretty lazy too but all the above are so easy to use. xx

  2. Love these! I have the same file as you from Space NK haha, and it's amazing isn't it?! It's hugeeeee! xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. This is such a good idea, I need to get more nail products so I can do this in the house!

    fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy x

    1. It is really worth it, we deserve nice claws haha . xx


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