01 July 2016

Lifestyle: Expectation Vs Reality

We all have an idea about how we want our lives to map out, and the person we want to be. It may be owning a big house, travelling the world, being a Princess, (Disney one by the way), having a successful career, or being a straight up gangster rapper. (I know all the words to most of Eminem's and Tupac's songs, so am half way there right?)

When the pressures of everyday life kicks in, and it doesn't seem to be heading in the way that we'd hoped, or we aren't the person we thought we would, or want to be, well it is easy to feel down, agitated, worthless and pretty damn upset.

wish it, dream it, do it,

Like anything in life, nothing magically happens over night, (only if you live at Hogwarts that is) and even the greatest of plans has bumps in the road, and set backs along the way.

We meet certain paths, good or bad, for a reason. A reason that is quite important for our growth, and development. Even though it might not feel like this at the time.

So naturally, we all then have a good moan, and you know what that is good, we need to let it out.

Then we can get cracking on, and change things for the better.

If we are open to reflection, and identifying the positives in everything that happens in our lives, good or bad, we can learn so much about ourselves.

Now who doesn't want to learn more about their snazzy, groovy selves?

What do we like? People we want to be around? The person we want to be? What we want to achieve? We ain't born with all this knowledge. Our likes and dislikes are all shaped by our experiences. A horrible event that has happened in the past, well it may have taught us to steer clear of certain people, or situations in life?

So when we are feeling a little lost, (ah I am so picturing Will Ferrel as poor Elf,  wondering around in the Big Apple right now).

What are we to do?

One of the first steps to making a change, and getting ourselves back on track is to address the reason why?

Be it in a job that we hate, an unhappy relationship, or a lack of self-belief or motivation.
There is an underlying reason why we are feeling confused and unhappy, and this is what needs to be addressed.

A pen and notebook can be our best friend, (especially if both are sparkly), to simply write down what we want to achieve, it helps motivate us to take action. To set achievable, realistic aims, and work towards them each day.

Want to be a break dancer? Well go, join a dance class of an evening. Want to travel the world? Start saving a little each week, if you can.

By taking small achievable steps, and striving towards what makes us happy,  we will ultimately get to where we want to be.

It ain't gonna be easy, it will be challenging, demanding, and at times we will want to give it all up and go the pub, but the one thing it will be - well, it is gonna be worth it.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce, so please -  let's go SLAY!


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