24 October 2016

Food: Chaophraya Liverpool Review

I was invited along to Chaophraya in Liverpool to try their NEW menu. I had never visited Chaophraya before, so I hadn't tried the previous menu, but a couple of people I know assured me it was a lovely place to dine.

Chaophraya fuses fresh Thai ingredients, to create eclectic and contemporary dishes.

Situated in Liverpool One, hiding behind some leafy trees. I didn't realise how big the restaurant was, and I was so impressed with the decor. When I walked in I initially noticed how luxurious and high-end the decor was, but not in an intimidating way. I had came straight from work, and was dressed causal, so I am glad the luxurious and high-end feel, was also teamed with a laid-back, cosy vibe.

We where escorted upstairs, and seated at a window table, facing a large fish tank.

We received the drinks and food menu, and were left to have a good mooch.
I was dying to try the cocktail that was served in a bird cage, well because - look at them!

It is called the Mockingbird and includes: a splash of Jinzu Gin, Maraschino, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Cherry & Soda.

Initially I loved the cocktail, but as I got half way through, unfortunately it just tasted like water. There was far to much ice in it for my liking, and I would have enjoyed it more, if there was less ice, and more of a boozy kick to it.

Moving on, we decided to order the Chaophraya Platter  which was £10 per person and it included:

Chicken satay, Thai fish cakes,  chicken spring rolls, squid, and wing bean tempura.

As you can see it looks delicious, and I am glad to report that it also tasted amazing. I loved the fact the platter was fish, and chicken, as I don't eat much red meat, and usually platters are overcrowded with ribs and sui mais. The Thai fishcakes were the best I have ever tried. They were so thick and chunky, but super light and bursting with flavour.  Every element was well cooked, and the pickled vegetables, and array of dips were the perfect accompaniment.

I think this is the best way to start a meal, trying a little of everything.

We then both couldn't resist the Chicken Green Thai Curry, (£12.50), I wish I was a little more adventurous, because this is what I order in most Thai restaurants, but I love it. We both opted to have it with Sticky Rice (£3.50), and sweet lord, it was fantastic.

Full to the brim with with chicken, mange tout, cucumber, and sliced chilli - the portion was huge, and packed lots of flavour. The sauce was the perfect consistency, and served with the sticky rice, it really was a match-made in heaven. I am glad I stuck with my instinct, and ordered this dish now - I ate the lot.

So how we squeezed dessert in I will never know, but we did. We ordered the Chocolate Bombe it was a chocolate ball, sitting on a meringue, and then HOT caramel was poured over it, and an array of delicious treats oozed out. Including cream, whiskey, and popcorn.

I didn't think the pictures would have done it justice, so I recorded a video - especially for YOU!

Each course arrived promptly, the staff were helpful and informative and even when the restaurant started to fill up, their standards and attention to detail was top-notch.

Thank you Chaophraya for a truly beautiful night, I can imagine with Christmas on the horizon, the restaurant will be getting booked up very quickly, so If you want to plan a visit, be sure to head over to their website here for more info, including menus, and how to book.

Plus there are other Chaophraya's across the country, so be sure to head over to Google to see if there is any in your area. I 100% recommend you visit.

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  1. OMG I can't get my head around how amazing the food looks! The decor looks gorgeous too xx


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