10 May 2014

Beauty || Review || Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in "Ole Flamingo"

I had seen a couple of YouTube gurus rave about the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipsticks, the colour " Ole Flamingo" just looked like It should be sitting on my make-up stand already! With it being compared to dupes of the YSL Rouge Per Couture lip stains I felt I was needing it in my life A----SAP!!

Bang, the order was placed and the next day it landed on my desk!  Oh and what a gorgeous bit of cerise pink it is. It's bold and bright and well pretty much has my name written all over it!

I LOVE a matte lip. Like love, love, love. It makes such a bold statement with pretty much no effort what so ever. It stays on the lip longer, opposed to a glossy more sheerer finish, so perfect when your out and about and wanting your lip colour to stay put.

This is super duper pigmented. It looks exactly the same colour as it does in the tube when on the lip. The wand I found a bit of a nightmare to use and I ended up smearing it pretty much everywhere.(Never a good look) I think this was down to a lot of product gathering on the wand, not because of the shape of the wand, which looks like a standard shaped wand. (Feel like I am in Hogwarts with all this wand talk....Expelliarmus).

So after a bit of monkeying about and trying different ways to get it JUST on the lip area. I found the best way was to dab a blob in the middle of my lips and then use a lip brush to spread about for a more precise finish. You do get a bit of play time before it drys so I have found this the best way. Blotting is also so important with this product as I found it gathered a thick line on the outline of the lips. Blotting eradicated this issue, something I cottoned onto after a couple of days,thank god (so I was out and about with a thick line around my lip,and pretty much bumping into everyone I know! Non the wiser! Typical).

The smell errrm is pretty VILE! I can`t put my finger on it but it kinda reminds me of the PVC glue you used to use in junior school to stick pasta on a piece of cardboard and bring home to your mum and be like da daaaaaa! Banksy eat your heart out. 

Anyhoo getting past this stench, the product does look pretty gorge on. It feels super smooth, velvety and non drying, which is always much welcomed with a matte finish, they can sometimes feel very heavy and drying on the lip,this does not. 

So I put this on at around 11am and forgot all about it. Come 5pm It's Friday I am in a traffic jam and I catch a glimpse of my pale ghostly face in my wind mirror! Boo! I think (no I know) the camera has made me look a LOT more paler than I am usually. This will be because I wore a foundation with a high SPF in. But the stain of colour shown is pretty much what it looked like after 6 hours! I was majorly impressed that my lippy was still on. Then started daydreaming thinking I need to write a review pronto and take some pics to show you all! Enter the selfie! 

So all in all not a bad product if you apply it with a lip brush and hold your nose to avoid the PVC glue stench. Once you get past all this and it`s safely on the lip and dried, well I have no complaints at all. It costs £8.99 and is available in six colours. 

Have you tried or do you think you will?



  1. Gorgeous lip product! Seen a few posts about these and I really want to get my hands on at least one of the shades.
    Naomi xo

  2. The colour is stunning! It's a shame it doesn't smell so good, though.

    Kimberley | Kimberley's Beauty Blog

    1. No a nose peg is necessary when applying haha. X

  3. Gorgeous colour, what a shame about the smell though! xx

  4. I think I need this product in my life. Right now haha. Thanks for the great review and swatches - love your blog!


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