31 January 2016

Food: Tex Mex Turkey Chilli Bowl

For me, this type of meal ticks all the boxes, and has all the foods I love in one place. A jumble of pure loveliness all over ma plate,  - that is of course- did you guess?

 Low fat.

The main recipe on this dish, is "my turkey chilli" and you can serve with whatever you like, rice, wraps, wedges, salad, or all the latter! 

Well it is the weekend.

Something I have done over the years, and now love is just adding half the tin of beans to the chilli, and keep the other half to one side in a bowl with some seasoning, lemon, parsley, freshly chopped baby tomatoes, mix and add to plates when serving. It adds a much welcomed fresh flavour to the dish, and the mixture of cooked and uncooked bean textures works so well. 

turkey chilli

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