24 February 2017

Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

I heard on the radio yesterday that one-in-five new mums suffer with some sort of mental illness during or after pregnancy, with a huge amount not seeking help, or being provided with the correct support down to resources in our country.

At some stage in our lives maybe we all experience feelings of anxiety, these feelings are unique to each person.
Some struggle more than others, people have different triggers, different symptoms that can include: feeling light headed, breathlessness, paranoia, feelings of panic, numbness or tingling in hands and feet, problems sleeping and excessive worrying. Of course there are a wide range of anxiety disorders from social anxiety, to more specific phobia disorders.

Some live with it daily, were's some could go months without feeling anything - and then it appears out of no-where.
Over the years I have found that the main trigger for my anxiety is doing to much, and letting negative thoughts creep back in. The symptoms I personally suffer with include: excessive worrying, feelings of panic and problems sleeping.
With mental health being such a broad, complex and very personal subject with a lot of stigmas surrounding it.
I thought I would discuss some positive factors I incorporate into my life, that help address my own anxiety, and in turn lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

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