30 March 2016

Beauty: Lancome Loves - Featuring Berry In Love Juicy Shaker.

Lancome was the first high-end make-up brand I tried. Nicked from my Mum's make-up bag, I loved their mascaras, and Juicy Tubes since the ripe old age of 10, no lie.

I sometimes forget about Lancome though, for me it can get a little lost in the beauty bloggersphere, as they don't really do Twitter, or any PR campaigns, like lets say Benefit, Clarins etc - but with the release of the new Juicy Shakers well their presence was back, and with a bang.

I couldn't resist popping along to Debenhams and picking one of the Juicy Shakers up. It is just a bit different to anything out there at the mo, and I was sucked right in. I had some points on my card, so this softened the blow a tad as £18 initially for me, well it seemed a bit steep.

lancome product review


29 March 2016

Food: Cheesy Chilli Chicken

 I like lashing a load of grub in the oven on any days I have off work, and crack on with what ever I need to do -  this dish is one of my favourites.

A sauce that takes 10 minutes, and the oven really does the rest for you.

chilli chicken recipe

24 March 2016

Lifestyle: Following Your Passions Or Dreams

We all have dreams, aspirations and goals we want to achieve in our lives. 

Sometimes it can be a challenge, we can feel defeated, not good enough, and sometimes not worthy of deserving what we desire.

roald dahl positive quote

22 March 2016

Beauty: La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur

When I seen that Escentual had the La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur  on offer for just under £13, I thought I would give it whirl. I have read a number of positive reviews, seen a lot of hype about it on Twitter - so was intrigued to see what it was like. I really like La Roche-Posay as a brand, and their Cicoplast Repair Balm is a product I just couldn't be without.

la roche-posay bb blur review


20 March 2016

Food: Banana, Almond & Chocolate Chip Loaf

Is it just my house, or is there always a mound of left over bananas? 
I hate throwing any type of food away, so always try and incorporate them into a recipe. 

This is the best one yet. It is just gorgeous. 

As usual, low-fat, low sugar and so, so tasty.
low-fat banana loaf recipe


18 March 2016

Beauty: Glamglow Youth Mud Review

Glamglow is a brand I really like. I love all the products that I have tried, so thought I would talk about the very first product I tried from them.



17 March 2016


I have used The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter on and off, for around a year now. It's one of them that you stop using, buy again - and then wonder why you ever stopped?

This is an amazing cleanser. I have tried Emma Hardies Moringa Cleansing Balm, which is pretty expensive and I liked it, but hand on heart I prefer this Body Shop Butter.

camomile cleansing butter body shop review


15 March 2016

Beauty: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Stop the press, want perfect foundation application every-time? Don't we all huh?

 I have found after many years, the best way to apply foundation is with a sponge, and am a tell you why right here.

I have been using a Beauty Blender for around 18 months now, and then switched to the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Around two thirds cheaper than its counterpart, I was hoping it was just as good. 

real techniques miracle sponge review


13 March 2016

Easter Crafts & Fun

Easter isn't just about stuffing chocolate shaped eggs in your gob.
Okay, well it is a bit about that.

The craft side is just as exciting though, don't you think?

Making easter bonnets, baking, sticking sparkly things on things, and making stuff look pretty - well I could do that all the live long day.  

So thought I would chat about some stuff we love to get up to in our house.


12 March 2016

Food: Bean & Vegetable Tacos

Mexican food is on another level, the ingredients and spices they use are just on point. I recreated a famous dish that everyone knows, made it low-fat and packed it full of nutritious and tasty ingredients. Please feel free to add meat if you want, but for me it really isn't needed.

vegetable tacos recipe


11 March 2016

Beauty: Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads 80ml Review

Anything with glycolic wrote on, well am all over. Glycolic acid is an exfoliator that sheds the outer layer of dead skin cells, helping bring the new skin to the surface. 

Its such a good all rounder, helping with anti-ageing, sun spots and acne. 

nip+fab glycolic fix pads review

09 March 2016

5 Very Important Facts I Learned From Gossip Girl!

This is a bit different to my normal posts, but my average readers are women so I thought the majority (I hope), would appreciate a light hearted post like this.

Have you ever watched Gossip Girl is my first question?  If yes then high 5, if no then WHY?


Food: Asparagus Benedict

I have an obsession with eggs, and toast as you may have gathered, always one to load as much as I can onto any type of Carb, well with asparagus coming into peak season, I couldn't resist trying this combo.

asparagus benedict


03 March 2016

Beauty: The Stay At Home Mani

So nothing beats a manicure at the salon, or a shellac treatment in my opinion, and as you can see I ain't the best nail painter in town, but tendering the claws at home is a weekly do for the majority of us, so I am chatting about some key tools, and products that are making this at stay at home mani business - well a bit okay.


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