13 October 2016

Beauty: Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation

My friend Nicola who does my make-up when I have a night- out, has raved about Peggy Sage Cosmetics for a while now, Peggy Sage Cosmetics is a French company that has a wide range of beauty products, that are very affordable and amazing quality.

I have seen not just my friend, but a lot of make-up artists in the Liverpool area raving about the brand across social media, for example Kate Hayes who is a super talented make-up artist.

The packaging isn't that luxurious or innovative, but the actual products on the hole are really top notch.

I went to my friends make-up masterclass last month, and the majority of the products she used were Peggy Sage.

When I was chatting to Nicola (Her Instagram is here if you fancy a nose at all the gorgeous make-overs she does) Nicola told me she has used the Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation, and thinks I would really like it, so I picked one up, and well I haven't looked back.

peggy sage aqua silky foundation

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