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If you would like to contact me in regards to reviewing a product or service, sponsored posts or hosting a giveaway please email:

Allure La Vie offers the following services: 

Blog reviews & features: I love collaborating and working with brands on my blog and my social media sites. I generally review beauty, food and other lifestyle products or services. 

Sponsored posts or social media promotion: I offer this service across my Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Sponsored Giveaways: Either on my blog or social media sites.

Freelance writing: Please contact me for more information.

I have a minimum testing period of ten to fourteen days, dependant on the product or item. 
If this time frame doesn't suit you, then please email me to see if I can meet your brief.

My blogging schedule is as follows:

Monday: Food Post

Wednesday: Beauty Post

Friday: Lifestyle post

If you would like any more information or my media pack, please feel free to email me - or visit Allure La Vie's full disclaimer here 

Allure La Vie Blog Statistics
(Updated 25/04/2017)
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Total Followers = 16800




  1. Hi, I met your mom today in a shop in Seattle. She recommended your blog and I absolutely love it!


    1. Oh hiya Alivia. Ah that is so lovely. Thanks for visiting, my Mum has had an amazing time in Seattle. xxxx


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