26 September 2016

Food: Sweet Potato & Turkey Pie

This weekend I felt so Autumnal! I could feel the dip in the temperature, the darker nights drawing in, oh and not forgetting the fact I was cooking all the comfort food.
This recipe is a take on Shepherds Pie,  but I 100% prefer this version.
It is so tasty, healthy and filling.

turkey pie


23 September 2016

Lifestyle: Getting Autumn Ready.

Autumn is my favourite season, I love wearing tights, boots and hats everyday, I love the darker nights, the cold crisp air, Halloween, Bonfire night, the whole lot, well it gives me all the feels.

I thought I would share some of my favourite bits and bobs, that pimps my Autumn"o" meter to the max.

autumn essentials


16 September 2016

Lifestyle: Paris

I love, love, love Paris, I could up sticks right now and move there, it is one of my favourite city's to wander around soaking in the culture, sites and food.

One day maybe, one day?

I love that it is an easy non-fuss trip from Liverpool John Lennon Airport To Charles De Gaulle Airport the flight time is a little over an hour - you are there in no time.
From Charles De Gaulle Airport to central Paris this can take anything from 30 minutes - to an hour in a car, depending on traffic. A quicker and cheaper way to get to Paris, is to use the Metro with a station in the airport - it is really accessible, well for some people.

We done the Metro one year with a pram and luggage, it wasn't a good experience, actually it was a bit horrific, as there are so many sets of stairs, so since then we have opted to be picked up, I do this when I book the flights through EasyJet on their website.

This time around we stayed by the Arc De Triomphe, It was a lovely hotel called Best Western Mercedes Arc De Triomphe, it was around a 10 minute walk from the Arc De Triomphe and I would thoroughly recommend this as a base. I found this area more laid back compared to areas by the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame - but in all honesty I have loved each area I have stayed in, in its own way.


14 September 2016

Food: Low- Carb Frutti Tutti Pancakes

I am addicted to these fake pannies. I can't even describe how good they are without screeching and getting really excited. So I am just gonna dive in with the recipe. (Oh and by the way these are very low-fat, have more or less no-carbs), so yeah you can see why I get a bit ecstatic by the whole thing.

low carb pancake

07 September 2016

Beauty: Short-Haul Carry-On Flight Tips

Travelling short-haul, and trying to jam-pack everything into a carry-on bag when travelling on a plane - well it ain't no easy task.

Over the years, and getting copious amounts of much loved items took off me, well preparation is key, and after trying my hardest to utilise the very tiny plastic carry- on bag, I think I may have finally nailed it.

So here goes.....

short haul carry on flight tips

02 September 2016

Beauty: First Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleansing Milk

I tried First Aid Beauty a couple of months ago now, and so far have been super impressed with the brand.

I find their products perfect for my sensitive skin, as they not overly fragranced. I particularly enjoy using their Facial Radiance Pads every morning,  review here

first aid beauty milk oil conditioning cleanser

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