25 March 2017

A Mother....

Becoming a Mother, is a precious gift to prize.
Children love their Mums, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives.

A time without our children being here, it seems so long ago.
Maybe because we are so busy, watching them learn, play and grow.

From their quirky, mischievous ways, and watching them flourish.
Their funny inappropriate questions, and all the kisses and cuddles.

Mums teach them we guide them, they depend on us unconditionally.
We feel incredibly overwhelmed, that they love us so dearly.

We write, read and play with them, but then crave time by ourselves.
Mums shouldn't feel guilty about this, we're just like everyone else.

We are doing our best, giving them all that we have.
But it's important to enjoy alone time with friends, to live, love and laugh.

Mums are role models, companions, the first place they go.
When they feel happy, excited, or incredibly low.

Their first day at school, to them sneaking out at night.
It can be an on-going worry, thinking are they alright?

Even through the tantrums, the demands, and the challenges we may face.
We are their Queen, their Mother, and their very best mate.

Happy Mothers Day. 

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