28 February 2017

Eton Mess Pancakes


I am going to put it out there, I don't have a sweet tooth. Shocker I know.
I am so a starter and main meal type of girl, but I rustled these up last weekend and wowzers they was amazing.

The idea just popped into my head that Eton mess and pancakes would be the most perfect combo, and well I wasn't wrong.

eton mess pancakes

24 February 2017

Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

I heard on the radio yesterday that one-in-five new mums suffer with some sort of mental illness during or after pregnancy, with a huge amount not seeking help, or being provided with the correct support down to resources in our country.

At some stage in our lives maybe we all experience feelings of anxiety, these feelings are unique to each person.
Some struggle more than others, people have different triggers, different symptoms that can include: feeling light headed, breathlessness, paranoia, feelings of panic, numbness or tingling in hands and feet, problems sleeping and excessive worrying. Of course there are a wide range of anxiety disorders from social anxiety, to more specific phobia disorders.

Some live with it daily, were's some could go months without feeling anything - and then it appears out of no-where.
Over the years I have found that the main trigger for my anxiety is doing to much, and letting negative thoughts creep back in. The symptoms I personally suffer with include: excessive worrying, feelings of panic and problems sleeping.
With mental health being such a broad, complex and very personal subject with a lot of stigmas surrounding it.
I thought I would discuss some positive factors I incorporate into my life, that help address my own anxiety, and in turn lead a happier and more fulfilled life.


22 February 2017

Singapore Vermicelli

My favourite Chinese dish in the whole wide world is Singapore Vermicelli.
The mixture of spices, vegetables, and insanely thin rice noodles are just a match made in heaven.

How I mustered up the energy to make this dish I will never know.
I was super tired after being out all day, and wasn't really in the mood to cook.
What I really wanted was to order a huge Chinese takeaway.
I am so happy I resisted, as I am over the moon with how amazing it tasted. 

It was way better than any Chinese takeaway version I have had, and it was quicker and cheaper to make too.

singapore vermicelli

20 February 2017

I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter

I seen this I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Highlighter on Twitter, and ordered two straight away.
Priced at just £5 the inner - child in me could't help but purchase it because,  well look at it?
(All the heart eyed emojis right here).

i heart makeup unicorn highligher

17 February 2017

Currently Reading

I have loved reading from a very young age, and usually read a 2-3  books a month.
Lately I have enjoyed reading these types of blog posts, as it can help me to pick out books that I may not have heard of, or necessarily come across whilst browsing Amazon, or Waterstones.

As reading is a big part of my life and something I have a lot of love for, I thought I would start doing one post a month all about the books I am currently reading.

I hope you enjoy :)


15 February 2017

Mushroom & Pancetta Pappardelle

It's that time of year were the majority of us are pretty much battling some sort of cough or snotty nose.
The first thing I do when I have a cold is eat all the food, but I don't want to be spending hours cooking in the kitchen or piling the pounds on.

My body craves carbs, and pasta is my all time favourite carb.
I never tend to eat creamy sauces, an absolute travesty I know, but they can be so, so high in fat. I usually just opt for a tomato based sauce.
But a genius hack is that using low-fat Philadelphia and no oil, well this reduces the fat content in this dish lots.

Who says you can't have your cake (pasta) and eat it huh?

mushroom and pancetta pappardelle


13 February 2017

Mac Warm Soul Blusher

Is it possible to love a blusher? Yes, I totally think so too.

I was introduced to Mac Warm Soul around 2 years ago now, It is one of them products that you try, and then think: "WOW where the hell have you been all my life?"


10 February 2017

A Weekend in Geneva

Switzerland has always been a place I have wanted to visit. But I never knew where to start.
Doing some research I decided Geneva was the first on my places to go, as there is flights direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and it is the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Flying into Geneva the view was one of the most picturesque views I have ever seen.
Everyone was shoving and nudging each other to look out the window, seeing the snowy mountains from the sky really is something special.


09 February 2017

Patisserie Valerie Liverpool

I have walked past Patisserie Valerie in Liverpool City Centre many times, thinking ooooo that looks really nice I must visit one day. 

So I was very happy when me and my little rascal were invited along last month, to sample their new limited edition Madame Valerie Gateau Slice

WOWZERS just look at it!


08 February 2017

Almond & Lemon Valentine Biscuits

Who doesn't like biscuits, especially ones that are shaped like hearts?

With Valentines Day only 6 days away, I decided to make some biscuits with my little rascal at the weekend. They was easy peasy to make, and it was so much fun decorating them - and eating them of course. 

I have popped the recipe below, I think they make such a thoughtful gift for the one you love, or a great treat for yourself with a cuppa.

valentine biscuits

06 February 2017

Ways to Banish Chapped Lips

With Valentines Day on the horizon, no-one wanna be rocking dry, chapped, flaky lips.

Actually scrap that.
With matte lip products being bang on trend, we need all the smoothness we can get.
Flaky, dry lips and matte lippie, it's an utter car crash right?

So with all the above in mind, here are my go to products to help you on your way to having smoother, luscious and plumper lips.

chapped lips

03 February 2017

Becoming a Parent....

Becoming a Mum to my little rascal, is single-handedly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. No-one can explain, or express the feelings, and love you have towards the little human you birth, they are a true, true blessing.

 I do occasionally ask the question why.....


01 February 2017

Roasted Red Pepper & Bean Chilli

I love to have meals ready in the freezer for when the lazy bones in me kicks in.
Every month I try and make a big batch of this veggie chilli and freeze it.

It is great added to wraps, rice, cous cous, or in a jacket potato.
It is so quick, easy and cheap to make - plus it tastes ahhhhmazing.

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