28 October 2016

Food: Boozy Pumpkin Spice Latte

When I saw that Baileys had a pumpkin spiced latte version of their creamy Irish whisky, well I was super excited. I have been craving a pumpkin spiced latte for so long now, but I don't live or work near a Starbucks, so decided to create my own one at home. Plus have you seen how much sugar and fat is in the Starbucks one, it's a shocker I will tell you that much!

boozy pumpkin spiced latte

26 October 2016

Beauty: Old Make-Up

It is safe to say I have a largish make-up collection.  I have one face, and I 100% got enough make-up to maybe cover 10, with this realisation - I put myself on a type of ban.

A: I have no storage left for any-more.

B: I have pretty much everything I need, and I am only buying because I like it, and put it this way I like a lot of things, and with Christmas around the corner, well it is time to knuckle down.

I have shopped my stash, and picked out some pretty old products, that I forgot about, found again, and loving.

old make-up

24 October 2016

Food: Chaophraya Liverpool Review

I was invited along to Chaophraya in Liverpool to try their NEW menu. I had never visited Chaophraya before, so I hadn't tried the previous menu, but a couple of people I know assured me it was a lovely place to dine.


21 October 2016

Food: Mini Pecan & Pumpkin Pies

I remember when I was younger, I used to think what the hell is pumpkin pie? Well I thought it sounded disgusting. I didn't have a clue that it was a sweet dish, and imagined that gravy was poured all over it. YUK!

How wrong I was?

Pureed pumpkin has become something I love so much, and teamed with all spice, nutmeg and cinnamon, well it is just a match made in heaven. I cheated with these little delights, and used ready- made mini-pastry-cases. But the filling is all mine, and the star of the show - and here is the recipe.

pumpkin and pecan pies

20 October 2016

Lifestyle: B&M Essences Radiant Red Maple Candle

I love Bath & Body Works candles I recently mentioned them in my Getting Ready For Autumn post, but they don't stock them here in the UK, which is a proper pain in the bum. So when I read The Sunday Girls Blog last week, Adrienne was raving about 2 candles from B&M, yes B&M, that were apparently really good dupes of Bath & Body Works, so I trotted on down to my local B&M to see if I could pick any up.

bath and body works dupe


19 October 2016

Food: Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

It is fair to say I go pumpkin mad the whole of October. Even though the majority of dishes I knock up with pureed pumpkin are sweet, this savoury dish is pure comfort food - and a mixture of fresh pumpkin and pureed.

The idea popped in my head driving home last week, and I am so happy with the way it turned out.

pumpkin pasta

17 October 2016

Beauty: L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

I seen the 3 new L'oreal face-masks doing the rounds across social media, and after reading and hearing good things I decided to give one a whirl. I was going to jump in and buy all 3, but resisted and thought I would try my hand at just the one to begin.

There is 3 masks in the range:

Purity Clay Mask:  with eucalyptus, it aims to leave skin purified and matte without drying it.

Glow Clay Mask: with red algae and a beaded texture, the cream aims to exfoliate dull uneven skin, to leave a natural glow.

Detox Clay Mask: with charcoal, it is a deep cleansing mask,  that aims to clear pores leaving the skin clear and purified.

loreal pure clay detox mask


15 October 2016

Food: Spicy Stuffed Aubergine

I recently visited Jamie's Italian (post here), and fell in love with the stuffed aubergine dish. I recreated my own version at home this week, I didn't add any carbs, and just packed it with some leftover vegetables, spices and cheese. It was pretty much perfect. Just look how yummy it looks. :o)

spicy stuffed aubergine


13 October 2016

Beauty: Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation

My friend Nicola who does my make-up when I have a night- out, has raved about Peggy Sage Cosmetics for a while now, Peggy Sage Cosmetics is a French company that has a wide range of beauty products, that are very affordable and amazing quality.

I have seen not just my friend, but a lot of make-up artists in the Liverpool area raving about the brand across social media, for example Kate Hayes who is a super talented make-up artist.

The packaging isn't that luxurious or innovative, but the actual products on the hole are really top notch.

I went to my friends make-up masterclass last month, and the majority of the products she used were Peggy Sage.

When I was chatting to Nicola (Her Instagram is here if you fancy a nose at all the gorgeous make-overs she does) Nicola told me she has used the Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation, and thinks I would really like it, so I picked one up, and well I haven't looked back.

peggy sage aqua silky foundation


11 October 2016

Food: Review Of Jamie's Italian Liverpool

I have been to Jamie's Italian in Liverpool twice, the first time I visited I wasn't overly impressed, but the second time, I studied the menu thoroughly,  took my time ordering, and I enjoyed every course - as did my partner.

I was invited along to Jamie's Italian to enjoy a complimentary meal, and to be honest I absolutely adore Mr Oliver, and I would never turn down an offer to sample some of his grub.

Situated in Liverpool 1, there is always a buzz and lively vibe in the air. 
People on dates, work colleagues winding down, and families looking for a comfortable place to stop, and stuff their faces after a shopping spree.

I visited on a Thursday evening at 6pm, the restaurant was half full, and one thing I always pick up on when visiting the restaurant is how friendly, and laid back the staff are. The staff know the menu, they recommend dishes and drinks, and they are right there when you need something, but don't stalk the table. 

I arrived alone and ordered a drink before my Mum arrived, the drink was delivered quickly. 
(It had been a long day, so this was much welcomed haha).


07 October 2016

Food: Salmon With A Pumpkin & Coconut Sauce

I wrote this post, went to publish it and deleted it by accident.
Yup I wasn't a happy soul, and it took me days to muster up any enthusiasm to re-write it.
But well, here I am. I hope you doubly enjoy it. :o)

It is officially Autumn and I take full advantage of all the fresh produce that is gracing us wth its presence. This recipe could be a soup, or a sauce, can be frozen and is easy peasy.

pumpkin and coconut soup

06 October 2016

Beauty: Frownies Review

I express a lot of my emotions (usually laughing, a LOT) through my facial expressions, and over the past 30 years of my life, the frown lines have set in.

I love holistic and natural approaches to anti-ageing and 80% of the time I embrace the ageing process, hell we are lucky to see another day, and getting older is a beautiful representation of that.

But I can't lie and say they wasn't annoying me, my foundation was starting to sit in the frown lines on my forehead, and it was making them look a hell of a lot worse than they actually was, this factor was contributing to my skin looking tired and dull, l was on the hunt for a natural product that would help me with this issue.

Oh hiya Frownies. (Wavessss)


03 October 2016

Food: Smoky Paprika Chicken

Every week I get asked to cook this in our house, and each week every piece is gone within a couple of hours.

I don't know why I haven't shared this recipe earlier, but hey better late than never.

smoky paprika chicken

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