22 December 2015

Beauty: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I had been dying to try the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. The reviews were amazing that I had read online, and the description of the product sounded right up my street.

18 December 2015

Beauty: Caudalie Vinosource Thirst Quenching Serum

Anything with thirst quenching on its label, well I am all over it hook, line and sinker.

These cold months skin can get so dehydrated and appear dull. This serum caught my eye as it is pretty cheap compared to what I usually spend, and had rave reviews on Space NK.

Caudalie is a brand I like, beauty box subscriptions always seem to pop samples in of their products, so I had a feel for the brand and decided to take a risk and try this serum.

15 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide Part Two

      Still stuck for some ideas about what to buy the ladies in your

            The products below are all items that any lady would love, but maybe wouldn't buy for themselves.

1) Kate Spade New York 17 month Organiser. I take this everywhere with me. It`s so pretty and now I have no excuse to miss any appointments. Maybe a little expensive to splurge on yourself so the perfect gift that is guaranteed to make any lady happy.

2) Pandora Rings. There is a ring for every type, and I love stacking around 2-3 to finish any outfit off. Jewellery Is always a winner, it is something that is kept forever. My favourite in the range is the rose gold bow ring and the love ring.

3) Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. This palette is a best seller and is a cult product in the beauty world. Maybe a little expensive to buy yourself so again the perfect gift. House in this sturdy palette there is 12 neutral brown shades that would suit everyone.

4) Clarins Multi Active Day Moisturiser. The way I would describe this is a hug in a jar, it`s such a luxurious creamy product, it is my favourite day moisturiser. I can safely say most women would love. This is rated at 5 stars across most websites and is especially perfect for this cold weather. 

5) Redken Hair Products. I feel the hair can be a forgotten in the whole present department. I love Redken products, but they are a little expensive, so I love receiving some as presents. Also a little easier to choose than make-up or skincare, you literally need to know colour of hair, and condition and you are on your way. 


09 December 2015

Beauty - Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

After having my little boy, well he's 3 now -  so not that little. I don't buy myself as much make-up as I used too. I can be a little mean with myself, I suppose that comes with having a child. 

I don't skimp on my skincare, ohhh noo as my skin can be a little menace and I can't mess around with that, but make-up wise, I kind of invest in a good high-end base and brow product, (nothing worse than your brow ending up on your lip by 2pm), and the rest I wing.

One high-end brand I absolutely love and feel is just on point, is Charlotte Tilbury. I have a fair amount from her collection, (considering I have just been moaning that I never really treat myself I have got a cheek), and when I heard that she was releasing a new foundation. Well I was super excited.


08 December 2015

Inspiration from Pinterest - Dressing Table.

Anyone else just a bit obsessed with Pinterest? If you don't know what it is go download the app and have a nose. It`s basically pictures of pretty much everything in the whole wide world that you then pin to boards you create, to source inspiration and ideas. So for example in this case- Dressing Table. 

dressing table shabby chic inspiration


01 December 2015

Egg & Bacon Cups.

What can be better than a bank holiday lie in and a full English Breakfast? Unfortunately I got neither, I need to have my mouth sewn up or try and cut back on the grub, so mooching about looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to the typical "English Brecko" I came up with this. Now I get it`s simple, but cooking something a bit different to usual and presenting it also a bit different than usual makes it feel just that extra bit special, and you don't miss the bread or other bits and bobs "as much".

healthy breakfast


30 November 2015

Operation Christmas Pamper Box Appeal.

 Christmas is nearly here, jeeez it's so exciting isn't it?

For the majority of us this means a really joyous time, spent with family and friends.

But for others unfortunately, it is pretty rubbish, and a time when loneliness, and some people's dreadful circumstances hit home that little bit harder.

In conjunction with some hostels and charities around the Liverpool area. I will be gathering and donating some boxes filled with goodies, (remember the shoe boxes you would do in School, that would be sent to Africa? Think along them lines), so the ladies who may not get a gift this year - will have a little something to open and enjoy on Christmas Day.

If you are anything like me and the ladies in my life then you will have lots of samples and beauty products lying about that you haven't even opened, or used. These all could be added, with some other bits and bobs, like books, stationary and chocolate!

I have provided an example below of what your box could include, but please feel free to improvise and put what you want in your box. People up to now are using small and normal sized shoe-boxes.


25 November 2015

Beauty : Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation Review

Now I know for some people, (well a lot of people) this foundation has been holy grail for many years, and I am just a tiny bit late getting on the....

"OMG this is the best foundation ever" ..........bandwagon.

Now I love a full coverage foundation, so you would think by the name "Double-Wear" I would of been all over this years ago.

Housed in a glass jar - that I love very much. I adore the shiny gold long top, it adds to the high end feel and appearance of the product.


12 November 2015

Beauty || Current Make-Up Loves!

I was pondering what post to write about next and whilst staring at my make-up bag ready to get the face of the day on, I had a light bulb moment! Current make-up favourites!

It's been so long since I last done one and they are one of my favourite posts to read, so without further ado I give to you.......


03 November 2015

Food || Greek Inspired Prawns!

I tried a really similar dish at my favourite Greek restaurant, it was 100% my inspiration when creating this dish.
This is a rustic and hearty dish,  low in fat and simple to make. A great dish to stick in the centre of the table and let people help themselves to.
My Nan and Granddad grow their own fruit and vegetables and gave me a load of fresh tomatoes, and well I could think of a better way to use them.
homegrown tomatoes


14 August 2015

MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Goddess of Faith - Triple Baked Highlighter

So to start -  am gonna put it out there, this brand I totally underestimated. Not to sound like a make-up snob at all, but this brand offers such cheap make-up, I thought it wouldn't be great, as in life, most of the time - you get what you pay for.
Now I did a lot of research first, prior to placing an order, I had read so many reviews about the baked highlighters and blushers, and I never read a bad one. 


03 August 2015

Salmon and Bean Bake

Sometimes after a heavy weekend of pigging, I think everyone wants to make themselves 
feel a little better by eating something that looks healthy, tastes healthy, and gives you that kick-start that you need to get back in the zone! 
This is it! 

I also love this type of meal before a big night out, as it's fills a hole,  but doesn't leave you feeling bloated. 

Salmon and Bean Bake 

salmon and bean bake


27 July 2015

Granola, banana and chocolate breakfast muffins!

The meal I most get stuck in a rut with is breakfast. It's either porridge or granola! These muffins are so easy, very low fat, low sugar and super tasty. There is 6 ingredients, and they take 2 minutes to prepare. It's just a load of cracking, pouring, squeezing and mixing really.

granola breakfast muffins


150g mixed nut granola
2 tablespoons of choc shot (Tesco or Holland and Barrat sell it) 
2 eggs
2 small mashed bananas
2 strawberries 
1 tablespoon of mixed spice


1) Mash the banana in a large glass bowl, and add the granola, eggs and choc shot. Mix all together and add a tablespoon of mixed spice.

2) Ladle into 12 cupcake cases in a muffin tray, and bake on 170 degrees for 30 minutes.

3) Leave to cool for 45 minutes, and add a thinly sliced piece of strawberry to add some colour and fruit flavour. These taste so much better the next day as they are a lot firmer. You can freeze the batch, and take out night before you plan to eat them.

Boom all done!

granola breakfast muffins

served with coconut yoghurt, sliced grapes, and a sprinkle of mixed spice . 

These are 2 points each on Weight Watchers, and make for a great low point breakfast or snack. 

Do you think you will try? 


29 June 2015

Fake burgers!

The season of BBQs is upon us, YES! 

The beautiful men in our lives start thinking they are Heston Blumenthal for the summer, and start shoving burgers, and beers in our face all the live long day! 

Why do they do that??

An action plan has to be formed, and well we cant refuse the burger can we?  That`s just rude!

So picture this- a guilt free burger, the sun beaming down, and a cold glass of beer is in ones hand!  Yes you can still have all that - I promise.
I made these as a low carb, and low fat alternative to the typical burger, solely because I don't want to be rolling into the winter months a couple of stone heavier.

Yes always about fighting the podge!

turkey burgers

Portobello Turkey Mushroom Burgers with Halloumi Skewers
120g Turkey Mince
1 egg
Tablespoon of mixed herbs
1 teaspoon of chilli flakes (optional)
Salt and Pepper
Portobello mushrooms
4 Portobello mushrooms
1 tablespoon of Philadelphia
1 teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce
Halloumi Skewers
Mixed peppers
60g Halloumi
1) Wash hands, and combine turkey mince, egg, herbs, chilli and salt and pepper and mix together.
2) Form burger shaped patties with your hand. Four small ones or two large ones.
3) Add to a frying pan with a teaspoon of olive oil and fry on a low heat. Flipping occasionally.
4) Skewer cubed halloumi, peppers and courgettes onto three skewers and place in a Pyrex dish, to be grilled.
5) Place mushrooms in the same Pyrex dish as the skewers and cook on a medium grill. Five minutes into the cooking time, flip over the mushrooms so the stalk is facing up, and smear Philadelphia and sweet chilli sauce in the mushroom, and place under grill for another 2 minutes.
6) At this point the turkey burgers should be golden brown, and cooked through. To check and be sure, place a skewer through the middle, the juices will run clear if cooked.
7) Take the Pyrex dish from grill, and plate up mushrooms and skewers
8) Place the turkey burger on one mushroom and add another mushroom on top, to form a fake burger.
9) Serve with a salad of your choice, and any condiments. I added some wilted spinach.
What do you think? Will you try?

26 June 2015

Pimp your pasta!

As the summer approaches, quick, easy, tasty, and light food vibes is the way I go.

But also filling, in my opinion life is to god damn short to battling with them hunger pangs.

This meal is becoming a firm favourite in our house ,and one I just had to share.

So everyone loves tuna pasta right? Of course if you are a vegetarian, leave the tuna out, the basis of this dish and the ultimate star, is the dressing.

tuna pasta


Pasta 120g
Tin of Tuna
2 eggs
1 red onion
1 carrot
1 tin of sweetcorn and peas
70g of diced cucumber
Half a bag of mixed lettuce leaves
40g of light mayonnaise
20g of English mustard
Juice from a full lemon
Teaspoon of chilli flakes (optional)


1) Pour pasta and diced carrot into pan, and cook as stated on packaging. ( I turn heat off one minute before recommended cooking time).

2) In another pan boil 2 eggs for around 4 minutes on a medium heat

3) Slice red onion finely, dice cucumber into bite sized chunks and shred lettuce leaves.

4) Drain pasta and carrots, and transfer back to pan.

5) Add all the salad, tin of sweetcorn and peas, and tuna to the pan and mix through.

6) Add the mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and chilli flakes.

7) Season the dish with salt and pepper.

8) Run the boiled eggs through cool water, and peel shells, and dice into quarters.

9) Plate up, and tuck in!

Such a simple, store cupboard meal, that's super quick and easy, the mustard and lemon juice pimps the whole thing up, and adds a super tasty, distinct flavour .


Beauty | | Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster

The title grabbed me! Energiser Wake-Up Booster, sounds just like what I need in the morning, that, and a rocket up my backside.
I was on the hunt for a light refreshing toner, that brightened, and lightly refreshed the skin in the morning, and made me look 16 again. (One can wish).
Reading the description of this product - I was like YES this is what I want.
Clarins describe it as: "A radiance boosting gel with a moisturising action to ensure a soft, smooth look while its toning benefits refresh and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. The complexion is left looking radiant and healthy"

clarins daily energizer wake-up booster

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