01 January 2017

Happy New Year - The Happy Planner

First things first! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I wish you all lots of love, laughter, health, wealth and prosperity for 2017.

Do you set resolutions?

I always set New Year resolutions, but as time has progressed I try and make them as realistic as possible. Gone are the days of promising myself I will lose 20 stone, eat clean, and run a marathon.
Small steps and all that.

With the New Year looming and so many expectations about how the coming year is going to be the best yet, I feel it's important when making any resolutions to stop, take a minute, and reflect on the year gone by.

Wherever you are in your life. No matter if it is a New Year Year, or a new day you can make a change when ever you like.

I love the chance to start afresh. When making new resolutions I reminisce on the year gone by, and pick out the aspects I felt I was a bit rubbish at.

I then will try and work each month to be better at these things, and hopefully in turn create a happier me.

This year my main resolutions are managing my finances better, and to become more organised - enter The Happy Planner.

the happy planner
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