09 December 2015

Beauty - Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

After having my little boy, well he's 3 now -  so not that little. I don't buy myself as much make-up as I used too. I can be a little mean with myself, I suppose that comes with having a child. 

I don't skimp on my skincare, ohhh noo as my skin can be a little menace and I can't mess around with that, but make-up wise, I kind of invest in a good high-end base and brow product, (nothing worse than your brow ending up on your lip by 2pm), and the rest I wing.

One high-end brand I absolutely love and feel is just on point, is Charlotte Tilbury. I have a fair amount from her collection, (considering I have just been moaning that I never really treat myself I have got a cheek), and when I heard that she was releasing a new foundation. Well I was super excited.

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