30 November 2016

Food: Pear & Pomegranate Winter Porridge

Porridge is hands down my favourite breakfast in the Winter.

I found this simple hack on Pinterest, and well I haven't looked back.

Cook the porridge in a slow cooker overnight!

Well this is utter genius.

What is better than waking up, and breakfast is there all ready and waiting?
No rooting for pans, standing over a hob, or waiting for the microwave to ping when it's done.
Talk about nailing the cold winter mornings.

This recipe was a fluke, I basically had some leftovers to use up, and chucked it all in the bowl.
The result was utter perfection

winter porridge


27 November 2016

Kirsty Doyle Tulle Skirt

Ever since I seen Carrie Bradshaw wearing her tulle skirt on the opening credits of Sex and The City, damn I wanted one, and her waist line.

I had been eyeing up the Kirsty Doyle Black Tulle Skirt for a while, but I was bit scared to take the leap. Would it suit me? What would I wear it with? I am not the best at putting outfits together, and seem to shy away from anything out of my comfort zone.

kirsty doyle tulle

24 November 2016


After the huge success of last years Christmas Beauty Box Appeal, (more info here).

I thought that this year I would try and get you lovely lot to donate some Christmas themed hamper boxes.
I know it shocks everyone to the core that this day in age, a very large amount of people right through our communities are dependent on food banks.


22 November 2016

Beauty: An Evening at The Clarins Spa John Lewis at Liverpool One

I recently had a facial at the Clarins Spa in the John Lewis Store located in Liverpool One.
I got chatting to the lovely ladies there about my blog and love for the brand, and they asked if I would like to attend an event with some blogger friends. Of course: I yelped YES.


14 November 2016

Should we take Vitamin Supplements?

With an ever growing emphasis on health, and looking after our bodies, there are an array of products now on the market aimed to assist us on this quest.

I give vitamins to my little boy, just because he has turned into a fuss pot, and I know for sure that he isn't getting all his vitamins and minerals. Probably like most 4 year olds, to be fair.

But moving on to us grown-up people, ideally we should be getting all our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. Our body needs vitamins and minerals, they are essential nutrients that help our body work. But albeit, it can all be a little confusing.
Which ones do we need? What vitamins do what? What foods, provide us with what vitamins?

I aim in my life to get all my vitamins and minerals from foods. I love cooking, I love most foods, and I like to look after myself. But this isn't always the case. The colder months when colds and flus are doing the rounds, trips away, nights out, stress, change of circumstances, well anything that puts a chink in our chain,  our diet can suffer, and we can be the first to neglect ourselves and our health.

Enter vitamin supplements.


11 November 2016

Food: Salmon Fishcakes with a Side of Creamy Chilli & Lime Peas

I made this dish the weekend just gone, and I swear to Lucifer, it was absolutely delicious.
The chilli and lime peas really pimped it to the next level, they was so easy to make too.
The mixture made around 10 fishcakes, that I froze, reheated, and feasted on through the week. 
Such a quick and easy dish to create.
So as always, I had to share.

salmon fishcakes

09 November 2016

Beauty: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner In Trooper

My lovely friend Stacey sent me the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner as part of my birthday gift back in August, and I was super excited to try. The hype around it, and reviews I had read were all top-notch, and I was so happy to finally own it.

kat von D tatoo

07 November 2016

Food: Minestrone Soup

With Autumn in full swing, I crave all the hot foods. This soup is easy and fast to make. Perfect in a plastic container and reheated at work, or of an evening. I usually make this of a weekend and freeze - so it is ready to go through the week.

minestrone soup


03 November 2016

Lifestyle: I Love Amsterdam.

I like to travel and explore different places, visiting the same place for me is something I try not to do often. But certain places, well sometimes I feel you only touch the surface, and a revisit is a must - Amsterdam is one of them places.

I LOVE Amsterdam, I always feel safe when walking around the city, the city is laid back, beautiful and really easy to navigate around.


01 November 2016

Beauty: Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation & Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer

Anything that has glow written on, well I am all over it.

I had a play around the the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation at a local counter, and was blown away by the formula. It was so different to anything I have ever tried before.

Described as:

"The invisible Glow Revolution Bi-phase nourishing make-up that mixes skincare oils infused with pure pigments - it offers nourishing comfort and a lasting glow." 

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