17 May 2016

Happy to be Alive!

It can be so, so, so, so easy to get stuck in a rut, and to forget the one obvious amazing aspect of our life - how incredibly lucky it is to be alive, and live another day with the people we love. 
A bit dramatic yes, but tis true!


Beauty: Getting Rid Of Spots

So the majority of us have all been there, it's not a happy place when the little rascals pay us a visit. If you ain't been there, well sorry you are now banished from the post! (Joke, am just jel).

I have been doing something different for the past 7 weeks now, and thought I would share. 

My skin has been completely clear, radiant and blemish free for around 4 weeks. So the changes started to show after doing all the below for 3 weeks.

getting rid ofs pots

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