18 December 2013

Jamie Oliver`s Christmas Gravy!

Every Christmas Eve I always prep as much as I can of the Christmas dinner so Christmas can be spent with my family. I am in charge of the potatoes, veg and gravy leaving the joints of meats to my Mum and Dad. Past couple of years I have made Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy recipe. It consists of roasting wings of chicken with veg and herbs. (I also use some legs and thighs as I always have some in.)

When chicken is roasted a whole lot of mashing and sieving all the ingredients together goes on resulting in a gorgeous stock to add to the juices from the roasted meat`s on Christmas Day ,making the most special gravy ever!

What I like about it is it's kind of tradition now I would feel odd not doing it on Christmas eve. Secondly it makes the house smell so gorgeous and all festive and three it does up the amp on your gravy making it extra special, just what you want on Christmas day.

I think gravy is so important it can make or break the whole meal. As I said before it just wouldn't feel right not doing it now and ever since my mother poured the stock from the turkey down the sink one Christmas Day,well I will always have a back up! Always! 

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