18 July 2014

Fruit and Nut Frozen Yogurt Slices Recipe!

I seen this on Pinterest (what a place, soooo addicted to it )and just had to try. It was just a picture, so I kind of guessed what to do and it worked! I have tweaked the ingredients a little, and I am so impressed with the outcome. It's so simple to make, low fat and tasty. How perfect would it be, munching on one of these in the garden whilst the sun is shining? 

picture of frozen fruit and nut yogurt slices
What you will need:
Low fat vanilla yogurt. (I used Yeo Valley)
Frozen small berries or dried fruits.
Seeds or nuts.

  • On saucers scatter the fruit and then pour the yogurt over.
  • Scatter some more fruit over the top and then the seeds or the nuts, or both.
  • Freeze on the saucers for 4-8 hours.
  • Boil kettle and pour water into a bowl. Then place the saucers on top to loosen the discs from the saucer.
  • Then cut Into chunks and eat ASAP before they melt.
picture of frozen fruit and nut slices

Such a fabulous low fat snack, perfect in the Summer months. Do you think you will try? 

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