01 July 2016

Lifestyle: Expectation Vs Reality

We all have an idea about how we want our lives to map out, and the person we want to be. It may be owning a big house, travelling the world, being a Princess, (Disney one by the way), having a successful career, or being a straight up gangster rapper. (I know all the words to most of Eminem's and Tupac's songs, so am half way there right?)

When the pressures of everyday life kicks in, and it doesn't seem to be heading in the way that we'd hoped, or we aren't the person we thought we would, or want to be, well it is easy to feel down, agitated, worthless and pretty damn upset.

wish it, dream it, do it,


Beauty: Harrods Estee Lauder Free Gift With Purchase

Estee Lauder is a brand I really love. I can't be without their Double Wear foundation and concealer. They are both the bees knees,  and I have more recently, been lusting after their new Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Sheet Face Masks.

 The recent Estee Edit in collaboration with Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim, was just WOWZERS, and it really displayed just how innovative and timeless the brand is.  

 I always seek out free gifts with purchases. Everyone loves a freebie, and getting extra goodies for their hard-earned cash, and well this is one hum dinger. When you shop online at Harrods, and spend £75 on Estee Lauder products, you get this amazing free gift. 

harrods estee lauder
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