07 July 2014

Recipe || Spicy Stuffed Tomatoes

Bulk cooking lunches for my little rascal yesterday, I realised at about 3pm I hadn't ate anything sufficient all day. (So, so unlike me) Being the scavenger that I am I started using leftovers from the meals I had already cooked and came up with this snack/lunch, it was pretty damn good. 

As the whole chillies are cooked in the sauce, opposed to slicing them up (was far to hungry to do any more chopping) this approach added a lovely warmth to the dish, without the spice being overpowering. The paprika adds a gorgeous depth of smokiness, and the avocado is much welcomed, as it freshens up the dish and is creamy and cooling on the palette. 

So let's crack on you little starvers! 

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