30 January 2017

Save or Splurge? Battle of the Sheet Face Mask

Sheet masks are so popular now, and I must admit they are my favourite type of mask. 
I particularly love them after a night on the tiles, or when my skin is looking dull and dehydrated.

With one of these sheet masks costing just £1 (Garnier) and the other one £9.75 (Sarah Chapman) I thought I would compare the two, as both brands have similar claims about their masks but the price difference is pretty steep.

Both these sheet masks contain hyaluronic acid, which is well known for its spectacular hydrating properties, and they both claim to rehydrate skin, plump out fine lines and revive radiance.


27 January 2017

Promoting Self-Love

Talking and promoting self-love and self-confidence is a taboo subject.

Self-love to some, can be associated with vanity, self-obsession, and taking far too many selfies.

But even though it isn't a crime in any shape or form to love our appearance, do you think we struggle to love the person we are, on the inside?

Personally I think on the whole we do.

We very easily put ourselves down, without batting an eyelid.

Why did i do that?
I am rubbish at this!
Why haven't I done that?
I could have done that better?
I am never going to be able to do that!

Imagine if we doubted, judged and treated family and friends the way we do ourselves?

I doubt anyone would like us, so why do we treat ourselves with such blatant disregard, and do it so easily?                                                  

  "It's not your job to like me, it's mine".  (Author Unknown)


25 January 2017

Cod Curry with Cardamom Rice and a Cucumber, Mint and Lime Salad.

I HEART curry.

I made this in the slow cooker and it was absolutely perfect.
It was left to cook on low for 8 hours, and the results were magnificent.

The prep takes around 10 minutes, and then the slow cooker does all the hard work.

The cucumber, lime and mint salad freshens the whole dish up, also adding a delicious crunch.


23 January 2017

Marc Jacobs Decedence Divine

The amount of people who commented on the perfume I was wearing last year, well if I had a penny and all that.

It was Marc Jacobs Decadence, and as soon as I wiffed it I fell in love.

This year I got its sister Marc Jacobs Decadence Divine for Christmas.

marc jacobs decedence divine

18 January 2017

Thai Turkey Noodle Bowl

I am pretty obsessed with noodles, I love that they are quick to cook and so indulgent and filling.

Through the week I am forever trying to cut corners and create a tasty and healthy meal.

This dish takes around 15 minutes to cook and as always is SO easy. 
I doubled up this recipe, and took the other half to work for my lunch the next day. 

thai turkey noodle bowl

16 January 2017

Guerlain De Peau Foundation

I had been eyeing this foundation up for so long, priced at £38.50 I was apprehensive to take the leap and purchase it. It is probably one of the most expensive foundations I have purchased, and to be fair I didn't even purchase it.
I won a competition on Twitter via Miss Makeup Magpie and Escentual, so I had £50 to spend on their site.

guerlain de peau foundation

13 January 2017

Managing Money

One of my New Year resolutions was to manage my finances better.
I finally came to terms with the fact that I am now an adult human, and I have things like bills to pay, and mouths to feed.
I thought it was finally time to start looking for ways to improve managing my cash, stop impulsive spending, but also whilst living my life to the fullest.
Carefully want to define being tight with money (eurghh), and being careful with money here (yay)!


10 January 2017

Cod & Pancetta with a Leek & Pea Broth

This dish screams Summer, initially. But don't be fooled, from the crispy bacon, soft cod and creamy broth, well all the latter creates the most perfect hearty meal.

As usual this is easy, peasy to make.

cod pancetta

09 January 2017

Benefit Ka Brow

I am currently in the process of reshaping my brows (nearly 3 years now haha)
I really struggle to fill in and shape my eyebrows. I think I am awful at it, so I am always on the hunt for a product that will make the whole process easier.

When Benefit relaunched all their eyebrow products last year, I received samples of the Ready Set Brow Gel, Gimme brow, and Goof Proof Brow Pencil.  I was impressed with each one, and used them all, day-in-and-day-out.

I visited the Benefit counter in Debenhams and let the lady have a look at my brows, and see what product she thought would best suit my unruly brows.

Ka Brow was the winner, and shade 5 was my colour match.

benefit ka brow

07 January 2017

Hassleback Potatoes

I created this dish on a whim using up some bits and bobs I had in, it turned out to be so tasty . - I just had to share.

hassleback potatoes

05 January 2017

Tips To Help You Sleep

I think we all at some points in our lives have phases of struggling to drift off to the land of nod.

Not gonna lie, I am like a bear with a sore head if I don't get a good eight hours, and being the sleep fiend that I am I thought I would share some of my tips.

sleep aid

03 January 2017

Ways to Stay Positive in January

The beginning of January, well the majority of us are ready to get back into our routines.
Full to the brim with all the gorgeous factors the festivities bring, a New Year screams a new start.

Then 2 weeks into January, BOOM well reality is back with a bang, and a lot of people suffer with a mild who am I kidding (severe) case of January blues.

So what can we do to beat them?


01 January 2017

Happy New Year - The Happy Planner

First things first! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I wish you all lots of love, laughter, health, wealth and prosperity for 2017.

Do you set resolutions?

I always set New Year resolutions, but as time has progressed I try and make them as realistic as possible. Gone are the days of promising myself I will lose 20 stone, eat clean, and run a marathon.
Small steps and all that.

With the New Year looming and so many expectations about how the coming year is going to be the best yet, I feel it's important when making any resolutions to stop, take a minute, and reflect on the year gone by.

Wherever you are in your life. No matter if it is a New Year Year, or a new day you can make a change when ever you like.

I love the chance to start afresh. When making new resolutions I reminisce on the year gone by, and pick out the aspects I felt I was a bit rubbish at.

I then will try and work each month to be better at these things, and hopefully in turn create a happier me.

This year my main resolutions are managing my finances better, and to become more organised - enter The Happy Planner.

the happy planner
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