30 March 2016

Beauty: Lancome Loves - Featuring Berry In Love Juicy Shaker.

Lancome was the first high-end make-up brand I tried. Nicked from my Mum's make-up bag, I loved their mascaras, and Juicy Tubes since the ripe old age of 10, no lie.

I sometimes forget about Lancome though, for me it can get a little lost in the beauty bloggersphere, as they don't really do Twitter, or any PR campaigns, like lets say Benefit, Clarins etc - but with the release of the new Juicy Shakers well their presence was back, and with a bang.

I couldn't resist popping along to Debenhams and picking one of the Juicy Shakers up. It is just a bit different to anything out there at the mo, and I was sucked right in. I had some points on my card, so this softened the blow a tad as £18 initially for me, well it seemed a bit steep.

lancome product review

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