25 April 2017

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter

I think anyone who loves make-up is partial to a couple/bucketload of highlighters.
They have really took off in recent years.
I know I now wouldn't dare do my make-up without adding a light dusting of highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones. It enhances the natural glow that hits this part of the face, and helps to make cheekbones appear more prominent.

I received this Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter in the #CarnLival Bloggers Event goodie bag, and well I haven't stopped using it.


24 April 2017

Egg Fried Vegetable & Cashew Stir-Fry with Gousto

Gousto is a flexible subscription food box, that is delivered to your door.

You can choose from a range of meals (minimum 2) and you can pick your servings: two or four people, and so forth.

I love this whole idea so much, we can all get stuck in a rut with meals and this sparks inspiration, and gives you the chance to cook and try different foods.


21 April 2017

GHD Smooth & Finish Serum

I don't get excited by hair products. I think it's because I have never tried anything at home that has blown me away. Hair oils can weigh my hair down. No matter how much hairspray I spray on - my curls will still drop out. I lather on all the nourishing conditioner from Redken to L'oreal, and I still manage to look like Worzel Gummidge.

So when I was invited along to GHD at John Lewis Liverpool One to get my hair sorted, i jumped at at the opportunity. Natalie styled my hair taking inspiration from Khloe Kardashian.
She curled my hair, but left the ends straight.
Looks pretty amaze right?


20 April 2017

Mental Health, here to Help.

So mental health is a taboo subject on the whole.
I totally get why people do not want to talk about it, if you have suffered with any type of mental health issues then I feel you would totally understand this. Damn it is one of the symptoms.

Feeling embarrassed, lost and unworthy, closing yourself off from family and friends.
Feeling that the emotions and thoughts you have are not "normal" and if anyone dared heard them, well this would be nothing short of your worst nightmare.

But now more and more people are talking and sharing their experiences, and this is a very brave, crucial and incredible step for humanity.
We are not alone, and I am writing this post with the current Heads Together #okaytosay campaign in mind.


18 April 2017

Aubergine Parmigiana

This dish is hands down my favourite Italian dish ever, and I do not feel it is well known at all.
When I was in Rome a couple of weeks ago, I ordered this in a restaurant and it was the best one I have ever tried. (So it should have been huh? When in Rome and all that haha.)

It is a tasty and indulgent vegetarian dish, that is easy and quick to make.


13 April 2017

What Comes Around Goes Around?

As we get older the "majority" of people become more conscious of their actions, words, and the way they behave. Life lessons on the whole, show that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

We treat someone bad? Well someone will treat us bad!
We do good things, with a genuine and caring heart. Then good things will be returned to us.
We work hard at our career or hobby, we will reap the rewards.
We look after our mind, body and soul. We will spiritually evolve and in time, find true-inner happiness.


12 April 2017

Budget Beauty Buys

Do you love a bargain? YES I THOUGHT SO!

I have picked out some of my favourite high-street make-up and skincare finds that I have aquired over the past couple of years. I have whittled down the best of the best, and the majority of products featured in this post, rival any similar high-end products in my stash.
beauty budget buys


10 April 2017

Easter Chocolate Bunny & Egg Cones

I saw an Easter egg bunny baking silicone tray on eBay here, and instantly bought it.

I thought it would be fun to make up some Easter chocolate cones for the kiddies in my life, as they get so many traditional Easter eggs.
This recipe is fun and easy, (basically melted chocolate) and look how super cute the bunnies and easter eggs are?

easter eggs and bunnies

07 April 2017

Woodlands Beauty Baltic Triangle Review

I love having a pamper in a salon, it's unfortunately something that I don't get to do very often though.

When I was invited along to Woodlands Aesthetic & Beauty at the Baltic Triangle Liverpool to have two treatments, I jumped at the opportunity, and then practically sprinted along to the salon.

The Baltic Triangle is a very up-and-coming hip part of Liverpool, with new innovative business's opening by the day.
The salon was easy to find, and with 2 hours free parking right outside it is a great alternative to visiting the City Centre - where parking can be pretty hefty on the ole purse strings.


05 April 2017

Stop Being Fake?

The label "fake" is being thrown about a lot in this day in age, and the definition and the way it is being used, well it seems to be a little overused, generalised and undefined.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations when we don't feel comfortable, self assured or confident.

This can sometimes mean we behave in ways that we may not be proud of, but you know - we all have flaws.

This doesn't make us fake, sometimes it can show traits of high self-control and strength.

And here is why...


03 April 2017

Smoky Paprika Chips with Chilli Chutney and Cilantro & Garlic Dip

Now who doesn't like chips? Especially on a Monday.

In all fairness I don't eat them often, but when I do I go all out.
I am a sucker for flavour, and by simply adding some smoked paprika to a good old Maris Piper, well it pimps it to the next level.

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