21 June 2016

Food: Butternut Squash with a Bean Cassoulet, and a Creamy Pesto Dressing

The main attraction in this dish is the bean cassoulet. A really posh word for a stew type thing basically.

I have featured this bean cassoulet on the blog before recipe here if you fancy a nose.  This time around I added a small tin of chickpeas, to add a crunchy type texture to the dish.

I make a big batch most weeks, and freeze, I then add it to wraps, jacket spuds, rice etc. 

As I get older, yup am 30 now. I am enjoying more meat free dishes in my diet, and this is one of my favourites. Not particularly the right time of year for butternut squash, but ya know it's tasty, and thinking about it I eat it all year round, actually more so in the summer, as it is lighter, and less stodgier than potatoes.

stuffed butternut squash
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