28 February 2016

Lifestyle: Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Ah Mothers Day, that day when we spoil and treat the true QUEENS in our lives.

  They can be a little hard to buy for sometimes, so I have put together a gift guide that may help - or offer some inspiration.


24 February 2016

Beauty: The Eye - Shadow Palette Edit.

So am gonna put it out there, eyeshadow is probably my least favourite make-up product. I don't really buy any palettes, I don't feel I am that good at it. I do have a collection of palettes, as I am constantly trying to improve my application skills.

So I have whittled them down, and will be talking about the four I do use, love and would recommend. This edit is probably for the guys and gals who are just dipping their toes in the whole eye-shadow world, so if Lisa Eldridge & Charlotte Tilbury could look away now, well that would be great.


22 February 2016

Food: Spinach and Carrot Tortilla

I eat porridge every day through the week for my breakfast, it's quick, low-fat and filling, and I can shovel it in whenever I get a break in work.

So at the weekend I really do love to try different recipes, and well these tasty tortillas are quick, tasty, easy and low-fat. 

spinach and carrot wrap


09 February 2016

Beauty: The 5 Minute Face!

So with the dark mornings STILL here, the longer in bed the better huh?

So " The 5 Minute Face " is necessary and much needed. These are the typical products I have been grabbing for when I need a quick dash out the door, but don't want to go scaring any humans in the process.



03 February 2016

Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury - Love Liberty

I thought I would chat about my most favourite lipstick at the mo.

I have wore this most days since Christmas, and love everything about it. 

The packaging is exactly the same as the previous K.I.S.S.I.N.G  lipsticks. 

charlotte tilbury love liberty


02 February 2016

Beauty || Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil

I have been using a facial oil every other night for around a year now. The Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil is one I hadn't read or heard much about.
Now I tried the other more famous ones in the range. Lotus (oily/combination skin) and Blue Orchid (dehydrated skin).
What stood out for me with the Santal oil was EVERYTHING! It has a 100% plant formula and the essential oils are free from preservatives. You know when you read a description of a product and it seems like it was made especially for you?

Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil
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