23 June 2014

Food || Breakfast-the way it's supposed to be!

Through the week, breakfast is always rushed,a couple of crusts from my boys toast or a smoothie. Weekends I love being in the kitchen and making something new and delicious, because a couple of crusts with a bit of peanut butter Monday to Friday just doesn't cut it.

Always wanting to reduce my red meat intake, I adore chicken or turkey sausages. Currently an avocado fiend (it`s on my plate every other day) this breakfast was just perfect. Served with some grilled mushrooms, sliced beef tomato and pumpkin seeds, was quick and filling. Plus I got to sit at my table and eat it. That was the absolute best part.

What`s your favourite weekend meal?


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  1. Oh my gosh this looks delicious!!!! You're just a culinary whizz missy xxx


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