13 January 2016

Beauty: The Feel Good Product Edit

Everyone, (well nearly everyone) loves things that makes them feel GOOD, they always have, and always will. 

And there is nothing wrong with feeling good. We all actively seek out products, foods, places, and humans beings, (yes talking about you sweet cheeks) that make us feel a million bucks. 

So here are some pretty gorge items, that make you feel, can I say it again? GOOD!


Perfume: Smelling sensational. Because no son of a gun is gonna judge you for that huh? Currently adore Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne, it's the perfect winter scent ,with the hum of strong red berries spiked with pink pepper, and woody aromas, put it this way no-one is gonna walk past you, and forget this scent.   

Face: Clarins Blue Orchard Face Treatment Oil. Oh sweet mother, hug for the face, check. Look all radiant and plumped up the next day, check. This oil is thick but non greasy, sinks into the skin and smells absolutely delightful. 

Soul: Candles, candles and more candles. Proven to make you feel relaxed, and who even uses air freshener anymore when they smell so GOOD! Currently obsessed with The White Company Pomegranate candle. (Yeah the pom has popped up again, the scent is just so wintery and sensual, we love the POM).

Book: CALM -  Loving this book, it's the type of book you flick through and don't have to read in any order, it  has mindfulness tips, some exercises and lots of facts about the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into every day life. I love the layout, fonts and the different categories which include: nature, food, sleep, creativity, children, work and travel. 

Lifestyle: Coloured Gel Pens. Well because In a nut shell, blue and black biros are boring. When writing in colour there is more passion, I can feel it,  handwriting improves ten fold, and diaries and journals look what's that word? Pretty damn GOOD! Its easier to re-read, and reflect on your own musings when it's in gold, silver or colour.

Is anyone the same? Please do say yes.

What items in your stash make you feel, (I promise this is the last time), good?


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