24 January 2016

Food: Bootea Review

Ah January you little rascal. Time to start afresh, and for the majority of us, to try and eat a little more healthier. 

bootea bundle

I tried Bootea last Summer, I done the 14 day teatox, which consists of a morning and evening tea. You have the morning tea every morning, and the night-time cleanse every other night.  You do this in conjunction with a heathy eating plan. They have free plans on their website, but I did my trusted Weight Watchers. (For the fifty millionth time).

The first time I done this back in the summer, it did kick-start my weight-loss again, and over 2 weeks I lost 5lb.

So this time around, feeling like a very bloated potato after Christmas, I got out the big guns and ordered the:

 BooTea Bundle Box (£45 with delivery and a 5% promo code)

14 day Teatox (day and night)
Bootea Little Oats (14 sachets)
Bootea Shake     (14 sachets)
Bootea Vitamins
Bootea Shaker (for milkshake)

14 day Teotox: 

So I have spoke a little about the tea earlier, it's pretty much like any herbal teas. Personally I don't mind them, and can drink them all the live long day. The Ingredient's are pure, natural and preservative free. They aim is for them to give you a boost to get back on track, the ingredients used in the teas have been used for health and well-being purposes for centuries. I really love the taste of the day one.  In my opinion the night one has a bit more of a kick, but still not a bad taste. The night-time cleanse is designed to give your digestive system an intense cleanse, so be prepared for the next morning, without being too crude - please have a toilet in close proximity. 

More information about the teas can be found on their website, but my tip is just make sure you drink lots of water as the night- time cleanse has a laxative effect, the first couple of times you use. I have snapshot a list of the Ingredients below, as you can see nothing untoward, or worrying.

Bootea Little Oats: 

Oh I really, really love them. They have the most amazing taste, not like the sweet ready made oats already on the market, these are tasty and creamy. They are so filling, and have all lovely stuff in like: Chia Seeds, Milled Goji Berries and Linseeds, Yerba Mate Matcha, Acai Powder. I will 100% be repurchasing. You make with water and add any fruit you like.

Bootea Shake

I have a love/ hate relationship with this product. I do Weight Watchers alongside doing this plan and this shake is 6 Smart Points. Which is a lot in my opinion. (Daily allowance is 30), I think I would rather spend the Smart Points on food. Onto the positives: it is a refreshing berry drink that you mix up with water. It's very filling, you have before a meal to reduce hunger and it does work. I haven't been having these every day though, and think I may only use this shake, when I have over-indulged- and plan on having a light food week.

Bootea Multi Vitamins:

Always an aim of mine. Must take vitamins! These have your recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and nutrients for overall well-being, vitality and immunity. Well that's the claims anyway. Two weeks in and I really can't tell, but I am just taking them anyway. The main vitamin in these supplements is Vitamin A, which helps our immune systems to beat infections (much welcomed this time of year), and keeping skin healthy.

Overall once again I really like Bootea, no depriving yourself of food, it just works alongside any healthy eating plan you may be doing. It helped me get through my January healthy eating mission, and over the 2 weeks I lost 6lb ( in conjunction with Weight Watchers).

I love that there is a set time to have the products, ( tea and porridge in morning, shake mid- afternoon, then the night-time cleanse) I believe they help to assist your healthy eating plan and  routine, in turn helping to keep you motivated and stay on track.

I would 100% try again to boost my weight-loss, maybe giving the shake and vitamins a miss?

Have you tried any products from Bootea what do you think? 


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  1. I have tried three different teatox companies so far and I love StayLean Tea Australia the most. The night tea is without laxative effect but it really helped making me lean. I have yet to try Bootea and this is the first I'm reading about it so thank you for the intro.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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