24 February 2016

Beauty: The Eye - Shadow Palette Edit.

So am gonna put it out there, eyeshadow is probably my least favourite make-up product. I don't really buy any palettes, I don't feel I am that good at it. I do have a collection of palettes, as I am constantly trying to improve my application skills.

So I have whittled them down, and will be talking about the four I do use, love and would recommend. This edit is probably for the guys and gals who are just dipping their toes in the whole eye-shadow world, so if Lisa Eldridge & Charlotte Tilbury could look away now, well that would be great.

Urban Decay Naked 2: A gift from my gorge friend Stacey  I use around half of the shades in the palette. I love Foxy all over the lid, Tease in the crease and Booty Call to highlight brow bone and tear duct. As I am not swatching, I ain't gonna bore you with all the names and shades, but I would recommend this palette if you are looking for a palette that can create an array of different looks with, as the shade choice, the pigmentation, quality and cost is all on point.  

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita: I purchased this as Charlotte Tilbury told me to, yeah you heard that right. Me and my Mamma was at the launch of her first beauty counter in Selfridges London, a couple of years ago, and she said her favourite palette, and the one we should buy is Dolce Vita, so we did. I whip this out when I am wanting to take my eye-make-up to the next level. I visit YouTube, and Charlotte has tutorials for every make-up product she has, and I usually just try and copy what she does. Stressing Try. There are four shades, prime, enhance, pop and smoke, and are all there to help you create a look from dawn to dusk. 
absolutely love the pop shade in this palette, a gorgeous copper, sparkly shade. This is such a luxurious palette, and if you are looking to treat yourself to a high-end palette, then I would recommend this.

Urban Decay The Basics: When travelling, this is the first one lashed in my bag. It is probably my favourite. Its simple, the shades are very safe and I can never go far wrong with this palette. Once again Foxy mixed with a little of W.O.S all over the lid, Venus to highlight, Naked 2 in the crease and Faint is the perfect eyebrow shade for me. I recommend this palette if you are after a basic smoky eye look, this has everything you need to create this type of look.

Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette In Ultra Mattes V2:  I received this in one my Glossy Boxes, years ago now. It's such an amazing product, the colours are pigmented, limited fall out and so many different shades housed in this small palette. Mattes are so my favourite type of finish, and the browns and nudes in this palette are gorgeous, and for the price of £7.99, I really have no complaints. I  recommend this palette for people on a budget, and who are after a palette that will help them create a number of different looks.

So I waffled on a bit there didn't I, considering I don't really like eyeshadow?

What eye-shadow palette are you loving at the mo?



  1. The Charlotte Tilbury Palettes are just gorgeous! All of these are lovely! x


  2. I had no idea you hated eyeshadow haha!! I've never tried any of the CT shadows.. I really need to! xxx

    1. Haha i just think I am so rubbish at the application. xxx

  3. How can you not love eyeshadow?! I'm a bit of an eyeshadow addict! I adore the CT quads & absolutely love Too Faced eyeshadows too xx


    1. I can never apply them right haha. I do adore this CT quad though. xx

  4. This is such a brilliant idea for a post and one that I might 'borrow' if you don't mind? I on the other hand loveeee buying eyeshadow palettes BUT and it's a huge but, I am horrid at application. LOL! I think with me it's the case of 'ooo, look! something shiny!' caught my eyes and I just need to have it regardless I am lousy at using it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Of course you can. I am bad at application too, at least we ain't alone haha. xx

  5. Tease is one of my favourite shades from Naked 2 also!

    Four Cats Plus Us


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