18 March 2016

Beauty: Glamglow Youth Mud Review

Glamglow is a brand I really like. I love all the products that I have tried, so thought I would talk about the very first product I tried from them.


I received this a couple of years ago on Mothers Day, I was so over the moon, as I had wanted it for so long - but I just couldn't bring myself to fork out £50 on a face mask. 

This mask, at its peak, was all the rage in Hollywood, and claimed to totally rejuvenate the face within ten minutes.

The mask boasts ingredients such as french sea clay, and volcanic minerals.

I use this once a week, usually mid-week as a little pick me up. The mask is a thick, wet dark green clay consistency, with bits of paper/ leaf type pieces in.

They can fall off your face, (bit of a pain) so I apply by pressing the mask lightly onto the face, to try and prevent this.

The initial feeling is a tingling sensation,  some may find this uncomfortable, but it passes, and as you use over time it stops completely.  I have really sensitive skin, and this has never ever irritated it. 
The mask is wet, and over the ten minutes it starts to go hard, and turn to a light green colour.

I remove with a damp warm flannel, and once removed, well my skin feels absolutely amazing.

It feels super soft, rejuvinated, a lot less dull and overall a lot happier.

I do believe this product is worth the hefty price tag, and the hype around it, hence why I now can't be without it. 

Whenever I am desperate for a good skin day, (always) and want to help any blemishes, and dry patches be on there way - well this is my go- to- product.

I also pop a little on any really angry spots, and keep it on overnight. It reduces size and redness, and dries the little rascal up in no time.

What's your favourite face mask?



  1. Ah my favourite is definitely the GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud, it's a dream for dry skin xxx

    1. I do like it, but I so prefer this and the super mud. Xx

  2. I really like Glam Glow Super Mud! It really feels like it's cleaning out your pores. I haven't tried this one but would love to

  3. I really love Glamglow, had a weeny sample and used it again recently and remembered how much I love it!!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  4. super mud!!! I was amazing at how soft and beautiful my skin looked afterwards! xxxx

  5. My favourite is the purifying Kiko mask which is so good for the price! I tried this Glam Glow in a sample at Xmas and loved it!

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