05 April 2016

Beauty: A Passion For Natural Aloe Vera Lotion & Gel

Today I will be talking about *A Passion For Natural 100% Organic Aloe Vera Lotion & Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera and Organic based products have really took off lately, and it was a bandwagon I never jumped on. 

So I was excited to give these products a whirl.

aloe vera review

The active ingredients in Aloe Vera have a number of health benefits related to health and wellbeing, in regards to the skin - it helps repair complex mechanisms.  Basically helping supporting skins elasticity, and skin cell regeneration. I feel these products would be especially helpful for people with problematic skin, be it eczema, burns, an allergic reaction, sunburn and stings. 

I don't have any of these issues at the moment, but I do have sensitive skin, and was after an every-day purse friendly body cream. 

I have been using both products on rotation every night for 16 days.
I really like them both, but especially the gel. 
It is a light clear gel, with no scent at all. 

It feels cooling, soothing and hydrating on application and absorbs so quickly. I have dry skin so all the latter is very much welcomed. I am usually so lazy in the whole applying body creams department but as this gel sinks in so quickly -  it really is no fuss at all.

I am feeling that these products for me personally, are going to be extra special when on holiday, and my skin's a little more sensitive and needing some TLC.

You can purchase at Boots, they have a purse friendly price tag. I really would recommend for the people whose skin is extra sensitive, or have any of the conditions discussed earlier. 

Have you tried any products from this range?

*PR Sample*


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  1. I swear by aloe vera- it's so amazing for burns or heat rash xxx


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