13 April 2016

Food: The Low-Fat Pizza Tip

Currently my little boys favourite meal. I love that he loves pizza as we always make our own, and I sneak grated carrot, tomatoes under all the cheese and he is non the wiser.

low-fat pizza tip

I love pizza but unfortunately it is high in fat, and a full one can easily wipe out your daily food intake in one sitting.  I nicked this idea from Pizza Express. I place a small bowl at the centre of the pizza base, and cut round it with a knife. This bit is my little boys, and the outer rim is mine. If this seems a bit strange, maybe the picture will clarify?

Where the hole is, well I just load with as much salad as possible.

This is not a recipe like usual, more a little tip. Load whatever you want on the rim, cheese, veg, meat etc. I used tomato puree, some feta cheese and regular grated cheese, fresh red chilli and tomato.

If you follow Weight Watchers this version came in at Ten SmartPoints. Six SmartPoints for the base, and four SmartPoints for the cheese.

Do you think you will try?


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