10 July 2016

Beauty: LVL lashes at Bloom Permanent Cosmetics Liverpool

So long fluttery, touching your eyebrows type of lashes, who don't want them huh?

Long lashes open the eye up, make it appear bigger and complete any make-up look. I love wearing false eyelashes on nights out, but I also adore removing them at the end of the night. I have thought about eyelash extensions, but just know I would end up picking them off.

I was invited along to Bloom Permanent Cosmetics in Liverpool to try a complimentary treatment. I decided to pick the * (LVL Nouveau)  Lash Treatment, which is basically an eyelash perm. It aims to to give fuller, thicker and longer lashes with added volume.

I loved the idea, as there was nothing false being attached to the lashes, and the treatment just involved enhancing what was already there.
The salon was bright and airy, and Lisia was really chatty and made me feel relaxed.

She talked me through each step, and the whole process was enjoyable, and weirdly super relaxing. 

So here is the breakdown below of the treatment. 

nvl lashes

Step 1: Cooling pads and protection of bottom lashes.

Step 2: A gel patch was added to the lid, and the lashes are then lifted and pressed onto the patch with the perm solution.

Step 3: 12 minute wait for the lash lift to set.

Step 4: Apply the dye - choosing the colour of your choice. There is 3 to choose from, (Brown, Black, and Blue Black) and I went with Noir (black).

Step 5: Wait a further 10 minutes, and remove tint.

The lashes are then brushed through with a conditioning treatment, and ta-daaaa! 

Well just look at them!

nvl lashes

As you can see the before, and after is just incredible. I couldn't believe the difference.  
The treatment can last up to 6 weeks, and takes just under an hour to complete. 

I am already 10 days in and my lashes haven't budged. 

I would 100% get them done again, and thoroughly recommend Bloom Permanent Cosmetics there is an array of treatments available, and you can visit their site by clicking the link above.




  1. I am so tempted to do this, and have been reading so many articles online about it. It looks brilliant, the effects are incredible. I think I will have to do just tke the leap and do it!

  2. The difference is amazing! I love how it's just enhancing what you already have and to last 6 weeks is amazing! I would defiantly consider this for a pre-holiday treatment, it would be perfect and one less thing to worry about whilst your away on your jollies!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. This is exactly what I loved about it, one less thing to worry about in the morning. :o) x

    2. This is exactly what I loved about it, one less thing to worry about in the morning. :o) x

  3. Oh my god I need this doing right now!!!! I can't believe the difference xxx

    1. Isn't it amazing! I was in shock myself haha. xxx

    2. Isn't it amazing! I was in shock myself haha. xxx


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