12 December 2016

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle

With the colder months now well and truly here, we spend so much more time indoors snug as a bug.

Ah it gives me all the feels.

I get a bit obsessed with candles in the colder months, and go through a whole bunch.

I like to have a mixture of scented and unscented candles in my house. Unscented candles help to create a relaxing ambience, and bring a natural dim soothing light to any space. 

Scented candles naturally fill the space with light aromas, that can uplift, relax or invigorate. 

(Plus they are tonnes better than any dodgy air-freshener or plug-in).

jo malone pomegranate noir candle

So onto the star of the show, the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle.
I love Jo Malone, their scents are innovative and unique, and the brand screams pure luxury.
From their heavy gift boxes, black ribbon bows, signature gift bags all included with each purchase, the whole shopping experience feels like such a treat.

I have tried a number of pomegranate scented candles over the years, but nothing has ever lived up to this. 

It for me, is Winter/Christmas all in one sniff. With a price tag of £42, it is on the expensive side of town. But it is my favourite Winter candle, so I always have to repurchase it, I just can't help myself.

The aroma is unique, strong and absolutely heavenly. Described as:

The sensuality of a daring red dress. Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods.

The aroma is strong, and I feel it could be an acquired taste. The top notes are fruity, the heart notes are floral and spicy, and the base notes are woody and aromatic. I think this concoction makes it the perfect Winter scent, as all these scents are associated with this time of year.

The candle has an average burning time of 45 hours, but you are recommended to blow out once the wax has evenly melted around the top layer. This preserves the candle, makes it last longer, and it helps to distribute the scent more evenly. Following this approach, the candle will last a good while.

As the scent is so strong anyway, it does not need to be burned for a long period.

I wouldn't leave it burning all evening, as it would be like burning money. Yup here is the little niggle I have, I can't justify spending £42 on a candle willy nilly, no, so this baby is only whipped out on a weekend, and special occasions (like the Queen visiting).

I feel anything from this brand makes the perfect gift, from their colognes, body oils, and shower gels, well they are all an utter treat.

I know I always squeal when I spot a Jo Malone bag under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

(So friends and family please take note haha).

What is your favourite Winter candle? Do share.




  1. Ah it sounds heavenly.. your photos are SO beautiful! xxx

  2. I love the Jo Malone candles - I'm saving the Peony and Moss charity one for Spring - and yours is such a good scent!



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