11 April 2014

Beauty || Review || Charlotte Tilbury Velvet Underground Lipstick

As part of my clearing everything out quest and developing a habit of selling everything I own on eBay. (Literally everything, my baby boy grows out of something and I have it off him, papped and listed on eBay in one minute flat) So a little note if you have anything you want to sell, well please do hide it before I get to it first! 

I have been shopping my make-up and skincare stash quite a lot lately too. I am typing this thinking is this even me? Oh how I have changed! (It`s most probably just a phase, none the less I am still super proud)

I was lucky enough to be in London the day Charlotte launched her fabulous make-up range at Selfridges. Velvet Underground lipstick was one of the items I just fell in love with instantly. Unfortunately its just sat on my lippie stand un-used and unloved (now this sounds more like me. I feel so bad now that I left it there so long, inserts crying emoji)
Anyway It caught my eye one rainy morning last week and I thought today`s your lucky day  (or mine) lets brighten this shiz up! (I was looking tres rough and a bright lippie always makes me feel a little more human)
Can we just take a minute to look at the packaging!! Ahhhhh there is just something about a gold bullet case that makes me feel like I am using one of my Nan`s lipsticks (in a good way) you know when you would look and think oooooo one day I will have a posh lipstick like that? It catches the light beautifully as you can see from the picture,and looks wonderful on a dressing table. Whipping it out of your handbag on a night out is sure to catch other lipstick addicts eyes. (You know who you are).

This lipstick feels lovely when applying it`s creamy but not too creamy were its sliding everywhere, just sticks to the lip wonderfully. The colour is so beautiful, a bold pinky dark fuchsia. As you can see from the piccies below this beauty has blue undertones so makes your peggies look whiter!

Winner, winner chicken dinner(food on the brain AGAIN)

It stays on the lips for around 2-4 hours depending what your eating and drinking but does stain the lip for a good 6 hours. It doesn't bleed and is a pleasure to use. The only ooooo and rrrrr I have is that its £23 so a high end lipstick, but to be perfectly honest I would buy again.

What do you think? Would you try? Any other lipsticks from the range that I need to try? 


  1. Fab review Antonia-when I posted about these I really liked it but I haven't worn it since-going out tonight so will dig it out!!!

  2. omg I need this in my collection!!! such gorgeous shade xxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  3. oooh such a fab colour... Need!! xxx


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