25 April 2014

Beauty || Oh Asos I adore you.

Who doesn't love Asos? It literally has everything you need to create any look your heart desires.

I find my nights just scouring their website wanting nearly everything. With free delivery and returns it also makes it a little easier to HIT that checkout button.

At the moment there isn't a promotional code knocking about. I have looked EVERYWERE but Asos assures all us shopaholics one will be available soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

It`s very rare they don't have a code of some sorts and the majority are pretty decent ranging from 10% to 25% discounts.

So for now you can drool over "my picks". I think this gorgeous spring/summer ensemble is just perfecto for any occasion from a trip to town shopping, a dinner out or a BBQ.

1) I adore this Ginger Fizz dress I think it`s gorgeous and a bargain at £32 keep the accessories nice and simple, this dress will do all the talking. 

2) This Nars eyeliner would just be perfect in the waterline to brighten and make eyes appear bigger. I would keep eye make-up simple with this look.Its a lovely creamy shade so really similar to your waterline colour. 

3) How cute are these babies? White jelly bean style shoes will see you through the summer months no problem (unless your at a muddy festival, then they will probably need binning after)  and they look so god damn comfy! 

4) Oh these Models Own pastel hue polishes are just so darn gorge. Currently with 20% off too so £12 for all three! You would so use every colour. 

5) Oh Mr Ray Ban how I drool and wish for a pair every summer. We all know it would end oh so bad with you being lost somewhere, trampled on at a festival or sat on. (inserts crying emoji) For you lot who don't lose every set of sunglasses you have ever owned.

6) Oh Lolli your so fine your so fine you blow my mind. Every review I have read is just ahh-mazing for this Benefit lip and cheek stain the colour is just so good I could eat it.  

7) WHISTLES white backpack. Need I say anymore this is one beauty and I would love it so ,so much if anyone wants to buy me it I would be eternally grateful. I.

What have you got your eye on? Tell me I need to have a nose.



  1. I love those shades! ASOS is amazing! xx

  2. Ahh that dress! It's so nice!

  3. After seeing backpacks at Mulberry I need one, and I love this white one!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Ahhhh I so wish I was still a student at times like these! I am also on a spending ban until my Birthday later this month so I wouldn't be able to buy anything anyway, but I LOVE that dress - i almost bought it a few weeks ago for a wedding!

    Naomi xo


    1. Isn`t it just boootiful!!! Thanks so much for popping by. xxx


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